The Sweet Buds of Spring

Today had a gloomy start. Although, as I headed in for a coffee with a friend I kept thinking to myself “This feels a lot like home (Oregon)”. Winter is nice, although I have to admit that having lived here in Australia for seven years..I think that my capacity to handle grey skies and rain has dwindled.


And to be honest…my heart is heavy. I feel helpless for Diana and her family. Today they had to let their little Kayden, their third baby boy, go to Heaven. Ugh. I haven’t had my own children, but the absolute devastation of having to say good-bye to three babies would be unbearable. I guess the silver lining of it all, the profound woven circle that her and her family are being wrapped in by the online community. It at how amazing people from around the world can be and can do when putting their forces together. Grief. Happiness. Joy. Celebration. Support is all multiplied, shared and forged for people.

Honestly, it’s inspiring.

There is hope even in the darkest. The new blooms on the sweet peas.


The little lime buds.

DSC_0045 DSC_0046

Even the cats could sense the afternoon sun.



Prowling around like a psuedo-half-shaven-lion.


Sniffing around, wandering what is around the corner..even though this is their home turf.


Even the new hens that we bought about a month ago are starting to lay eggs. We’re a little excited around here..let me tell ya!


My heart is heavy and this morning lent itself to reflection, grief and prayer. But I know that even in the darkest, the sun will shine. The blossoms will spring. Sometimes it takes longer than others, sometimes it comes about differently than we thought.


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