A Walk, A Swing, A Fitbit (review)

Sometimes I just want to turn OFF the TV! Do you ever get like that? Where you crave anything other than the constant babble of advertisements and the humm of the dang thing being on. Decided to start my morning off by listen to some podcasts from a church in Portland, OR.

IMG_4080“journey into weakness” is a fabulous sermon

I’m also someone who can admittedly sit in front of a TV and veg out for hours watching taped episodes of ‘The Newsroom’, ‘Cupcake Wars’ and anything on HGTV. I kinda woke up this morning tired and in a funk. Even though the sun is out, it’s bloody cold (I’ve got my Ugg slippers on right now and it’s 2pm in the arvo)

I drug myself out of bed and for a walk. No couch magnet butt this morning. I decided to go on a totally different walk today around the marina.


Jealous..who doesn’t want bed head and a pink visor?


Then I HAD to stop and swing. I had to. How can you not? I mean jumping on the swings is one of the few things that instantly makes me feel amazing and leaves me on a high.

This video doesn’t exist

Continued walking home and racked up an impressive amount of steps on my Fitbit. I have the Fitbit One.


I have had a lot of questions about my Fitbit. I love my Fitbit to be honest. I bought it last year when I was in America. I think it was around 100.00…it’s retailing for that still. I find it REALLY easy to wear which I normally wear on my hip in its little clip-on thing. You can also wear it on your bra or sometimes I just throw it inside the pocket of my pants.

The dashboard that comes with it is also cool.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 2.40.25 PMThis is today’s dashboard

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 2.41.11 PM
This is a dashboard from a couple of days ago

It helps to outline your fitness goals (whatever you want them to be) and you can link it to calorie counting & activity aps if you’re gung-ho about tracking things. They also have an iphone and androdi aps as well. You can also wear it to sleep (mine in a mesh wrist band) which is neat to see graphed out as well. I’m a visual learner, most people are. I also like graphs and statistic…most people don’t.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 2.36.58 PMthere are a lot more

The other AWESOME thing that I LOVE about it..is that I’ve washed the dang thing FOUR times. In fact, it’s a running joke between Andrew and I about how I always forget to take it off. I have just thrown it in a jar/cup of uncooked rice overnight and it’s worked every single time after I’ve done it. I wouldn’t advise or go as so far as to say that I’m lucky…or that it’s inherently waterproof…but I’ve been lucky 🙂

I love my fitbit. I’d say to anyone who is interested in getting in activity and tracking so they don’t get ‘couch potato/twittering/blogging/feedly reading–butt’ then I would say that it’s a sound investment. It’s very easy to use and versatile.

do you have a fitbit? do you ever change up your walk routes? do you like to swing like me?


Fitbit have NO idea who I am. I bought this a year ago, there’s no money comin’ my way for my thoughts and opinions. They’re all my own, Andrew wouldn’t even think to blog and my cats are more interested in sleeping and eating canned tuna.

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