Monday Mantra: Salt Kissed Skin

At work, it was crazy. It was a day of new forms, new machines, unclear expectations and a lot of old methods being challenged. People were tired and change is VERY hard. It’s exhausting to change, and being comfortable is something that I think that we all relish into.

I left work with a headache and a desire to un-wind. My friend Mel and I were trying to catch-up. You know one of those friends where you don’t have to back story everything, you just get to be…who you are..where you are…no matter what.


I’m grateful for my friends. They are just too much for words, and they hold me up when I’m feeling burnt out, tired, exhausted, and hormonal.


“I’m at the beach, wanna come?”….


So I met up with her and we walked. The salt on my skin.


The surprise attack of the innocent wave rush over my feet and soaking the bottom of my pants.


Sometimes it’s simple…bare feet, sand, water, fresh air.


A quick walk around the block. A coffee date with no time crunch. The windows opened on a summers night. Life can be very complicated and high strung. Go out and enjoy this week. Let go and feel the wind in your hair.


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