Coffee, Skipbo and Spa Day

I started a three day break from work which was fabulous. Being a shift worker, my ‘weekends’ are all over the place. They can be on the weekends, or they can be Tues-Thurs as they are this week.

I caught up with a friend for a good game of Skipbo!


This time I got beat two times in a row! I did NOT have my Skipbo mojo on yesterday.



Andrew got me a spa package at this spa in Bunbury. I was SOOOO excited to go. It was two hours of bliss (spa, warm bamboo massage, facial). The spa was ok. I’m not a huge hottub person, but once I relaxed it was very nice. I even busted out my swimming suit for the first time in over a year..and it fit..winner!


The warm bamboo massage was divine. It reminded me of a hot stone massage that I had YEARS ago. Then the facial. I LOVE facials. In fact, I tell people that before they die, they have to have a facial. There is just something amazing about them. This facial was the worst facial I’ve ever had.


It didn’t help that the massage table that I was on for over an hour was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever been on, my back started spasming and my neck hurt. UGH!!!!!!!


So frustrating because I KNOW that Andrew had picked it because he wanted to find something that was relaxing for me…and it was everything opposite of it. The thought was still there..and that’s all that matters. It was nice to feel pampered and I highly suggest taking yourself to the spa at least once a year for a 1/2 day treatment or do something similar at home. It’s so worth it. You should feel like a goddess at times.

Today I’m just being a bit of a home-body and cleaning up the five loads of laundry that need to find drawers, hangers and someone to fold them. Making sure that my cats don’t do a repeat of two nights ago of bringing in a dead rabbit into the house. You know, domestic bliss 🙂

have you ever had an amazing spa experience?ever have a NOT so amazing spa experience?


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