Sunday Sesh

I am feeling like a big camp fire. This HAS to be one of the best ways to drink coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.


And this has to be the best way to cook breakfast..ever.


Hope that you’re Sunday is off to a great start. Here are some reads from this week!

why being mom is enough ~RachelMarieMartin

Christian Mission Don’t Have to Such ~Jaime The Very Worst Missionary

10 Stupid Thing I Do When I Should Be Sleeping ~Roni

The Truth About Adoption: Two Years Later ~Jen Hatmaker

Three Paradigm Shifts About Relationship That Are Setting Me Free ~Donald Miller

I am so judgmental. I love that about me. ~Christie Inge

Wisdom Begins In Wonder: The Language of Profound Self-Trust ~Karen Anderson

My wisdom, my bullshit (and showing up for the right one) ~Tara Wagner

What do you need? ~Chatting at the Sky

A Love Note to those with big dreams: 4 Steps to Making it Happen ~Mara Glatzel

and if not ~SheReadsTruth


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