Sparkle & Shine

I’m turning 30 in a week. According to Miz…it’s gonna be a fabulous time 🙂 I was thinking about “when was the LAST time I really felt like I had my sparkle and shine….”

And it was the summer before I moved to Australia.

That’s WAY too long ago.


There is something damn refreshing about starting a new decade! It has been very apparent to me, that I’m going through growing pains…or maybe ‘what do I want to bring with me into this new decade’…pains.

I’ve spent a vast majority of my 20’s insuring that I excelled. Be that at uni (I finished three degrees in my 20’s all with top marks), finding my career pathway, or moving overseas. I have always sought out approval from others, namely my parents and bosses…to insure that I am ‘doing that what I should be doing’.


Then the past three weeks happened. I have really thought about what I want.  Is it ok to say NO more often then YES? Is it ok that I admit I still have areas to work on…and not get caught up in the drama that I produce around not being perfect? Is it ok that I’m not paleo, dieting, a certain weight, not running a race?

Is it OK that I listen to what I really want?


When I think back to when I ‘sparkled and shined’ I was myself. I was treating myself well. I was working out, eating well, sleeping well, and enjoying the shit out of life. I was working hard, but LOVING what I was doing. I surrounded myself with amazing people and spent more time thinking of how awesome life was then dreading participating in elements of it. I have self-loathed through the later part of my 20s..poor me, to exhausted, too blah blah blah.

Well, the 30s are gonna be different. I’m taking ownership for my own happiness. Becoming unapologetically myself. I won’t get caught up on ticking boxes and seeking approval. I am going to sparkle and shine, because that’s what I WANT to do.



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