Hotel Cuppa



Andrew and I are sitting in a hotel in Geraldton that looks like something from the 70s. All the rooms in a u-shape design and angled car parks in front of our room…39.

We drove all last night to get here (8hrs total!). Subway, McDonalds and from this dodgy roadhouse. (I had to get a coffee cup for my ketchup because I’m not allowed to drench the fries with it. Oh the compromises me make!)

We lounged around. No cats meowing, no cats climbing on my head to inspect the air conditioner on the wall, no guilt about the laundry needing to be put away. Me checking my feedly and reposting numerous blog posts on my twitter (@mishmarieg) because people’s hearts are just so damn gorgeous when they open up. What a privilege to read what is in people’s hearts. Watching others navigate parenthood, weight loss, traveling…I love it.

I made us cuppas. Me two sachets of coffee, him…one. And there’s no pressure to be in any other place than here. There’s no disappointment that its literally ‘blowing a gail’ outside (windy!) It’s just us, chillin with big life decisions, potential vows to choose, wedding ceremony outlines to discuss…but now isn’t the moment.


sorry for skewey format, phone blogging 🙂

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