Sunday Sesh {Kalbarri edition}


Hey there!!! How cool is that lake?

I’m writing this from KALBARRI!!!!

After all that’s been happening this week..and the fact that I’m 10 weeks away from getting married…we decided to retreat into to the wildflowers, gorges and peacefullness of Kalbarri. (it is a 10 hour drive away..yikes!)



I thought I’d still outline some of the great blog posts that I’ve read so far this week!

Shape of a Mother — a ‘exposed‘ type of website for mothers..very cool!
Seeing the in between ~RachelMarieMartinYour Body, Sex & Self-Esteem ~Brittany, Herself
hope in the morning ~NaptimeDiaries
Hunger & Becoming the Beacon of Life you are yearning for ~MaraGlatzel

Hope that you had a restful and relaxing week!


Best breakfast I’ve ever had! SaltDish in Geraldton! I’m coming back for those mushrooms 😉

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