Monday Mantra & Hol-whole30



On Wednesday 18 September I’m going to start “Hol-whole30”.

Whole30 is a food based approach to gettin whole!
I’m going to look at the HOL-istic side of it: focusing on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects as well as food.

This isn’t about crash dieting for me, this is about kickin ass and being unapologetic andout being fabulous. And lots of bacon…Andrew is stoked!
I will write more about it all, but wanted to plant it in your brain if you were thinking you’d like to join 🙂

3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra & Hol-whole30

  1. sarah says:

    Not that it matters, but my opinion is that the Whole30 is not a good choice for people with a history of food issues. So many people who do it are disordered, and it messes with their heads. That community has also become rather anti moderation, and I think that’s a far cry from where I know you want to be one day, i.e. someone who honours your body without putting unnecessary rules and restriction. That’s my 2 cents. If you do decide to do it, please be gentle with yourself and look out for old patterns.

    • Mish says:

      Thank you for that! In a weird twisted way my body can’t do legumes (worst cramping ever!) and bloats out and gets impressive migraines with wheat. So the only thing that I’d cut back on is sugar and dairy. Dairy I’ll still have on moderation. This is why I’ve chooser not to do just food. It’s holistic for me. I get what you’re saying and you’ve known me long enough to say that. I appreciate you bringing my focus to the larger picture 🙂 xo

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