Such A FABULOUS Vacay: and big talks on the road {Kalbarri}

can I JUST say how fabulous the whole weekend was? It was just that..fabulous. I’m not going to write a day-by-day post about our trip, because as indulgent and fair it would be to highlight everything…I’ll just let you in on those things..highlights.

Off we went! Well, first five loads of laundry and a cat had to be put-away and packed!



And then drove and drove and drove. Andrew LOVES driving. He tells me it’s the “Aussie thing to do”…drive for long periods of time and enjoy it. Maybe I grew up in a different type of family, but driving wasn’t our thing. This killer random roadhouse was fabulous.


best.fries.ever. We also had the best brekky ever at this cute cafe, SaltDish, in Geraldton. Yummy!

DSC_0045 20130914-154056.jpg

We stopped along the way from Geraldton to the ‘Pink Lakes’…and they were pink. Pretty cool to see.


We also randomly stopped off at the Northampton Show (what Americans would call the fair). Was SOOO much fun to get my farm girl geek on. I LOVED that they used sheep tags as the entrance tickets.



DSC_0112 DSC_0096 DSC_0090

Of course you have to get soft-serve!


We stayed at the Two Tin Cow B&B in Kalbarri. Can I just say that it’s the best place I’ve ever stayed. Every.single.morning you get breakfast…this was the last day’s one and it was to.die.for.


Andrew and I hiked and hiked and hiked.

DSC_0463 DSC_0444

We went out to see Nature’s Window, which was ok.


Why is it that the things which are the tourist traps are never as good as the ones which aren’t? We then hiked out to more gorges which were better and more beautiful. Just serene places. Totally vast, totally open, totally awe-inspiring.

DSC_0281  DSC_0162

We did the Bird Park. Andrew was so excited and I love seeing him in his element. So often I can overpower the things that we do, namely because I’m the go-getter and he’s cool to do whatever. But this is something HE wanted to do. He got so excited as raising, learning about, breeding and being around birds is something that he did since he was a little boy with his Dad. I love seeing him in his element.

DSC_0371 DSC_0386

The Macaws were amazing. Beautiful birds.


I had such a relaxing time. It was SO nice to be doing physical stuff every day, seizing the moment, and we even went horseback riding (i’ll write about that later this week, because I still laugh about it). I was so nice for Andrew and I to have space and time together. There is some big.stuff.happening outside of our wedding at the minute (in fact that feels easy) that we had to hash through. Those moments when you realise that you’re no longer two single people connected…but a whole unit. Two people who are 50-50 in life decisions. I don’t know why that’s huge, but it’s also a painful process at times. When conversations about decisions impacting us now, children in the future (i’m not prego!). What we really want as a couple. How we see our lives panning out together. What we want our lives to be like. What we’re willing to sacrifice. What risks we’re willing to take.

Big conversations. I’m grateful for the 8 hours we had together last night driving home after this holiday. I felt like I could breathe driving through those rolling hills. I also felt as though I could bring up everything that we really needed to talk about when we prepare our hearts for our marriage, our future and our lives together. He’s a remarkable man who never ever waivers in his love and commitment to us. There are times when I still feel like I want to run to the high hills and push as far away as I can. But.I’m.Not. I’m sittin’ with it all and I’m grateful for everything that this weekend brought up and gave back to me and solidified in us.

I turned thirty yesterday. Today I’m embracing my own journey in my own year of 30. It feels so good. I didn’t wake up feeling profoundly different, but I did wake up feeling revived.


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