Sunday Sesh

There are a lot of great things to read about this week. Isn’t that the case always? This is the pride of my week, our first harvest from our garden 🙂


So, this week’s blog posts kick off with the notion of being Christian and Paleo. I didn’t realise that there was a issue with being Paleo and Christian….I guess I never connected the two in my head. In saying that, I love this post about make our lives simpler. It makes you think a lot about the importance of living in the moment and being kind, encouraging and supportive of yourself. I think is especially true when this comes to food and our issues around it.

Speaking of issues around food I love how this woman is approaching her relationship with the scale and how this lady is focusing on how fabulous her body is. I think it reminds us that deep down, the emotional connection is essential.

The most controversial post of the week goes to  this one about calling out a large mission-based organisation. And my favourite food recipe is this one...because I adore brussel sprouts 🙂

Hope that you has a wonderful week!

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