Day 2:31 – Building a Home

I can’t believe that Andrew and I are going to be married in about 7 weeks and 4 days. hold me.


There has been a lot of changes around the whole wedding, lots of changing ideals, rushed plans and others which have been scaled back. Planning two weddings has been trying, it’s exhausting…but I’m so excited to be able to have the day ours and for him to be my Husband.

There is a whole challenge in blending two lives together. Andrew and I moved into together very quickly and I’m not 100% sure I’d ever ever ever advise that to anyone. We had A LOT of growing pains around this.

cleaning rosters
his in ability to put dirty clothes in the hamper
my in ability to not bake and use in the kitchen
who cleans up the cat vomit (he’s down one, promise)

It’s a HUGE massive adjustment. I whipped into his life, and like a whirlwind had re-arranged his whole house and had daily discussions about why we needed x,y,z. Then I learned to It’s so easy to whip into someone’s life, re-configure it to your standards and wonder ‘how on earth did they live like this?’. I have to admit that he has been way more flexible with me moving in, then I have been with him at times. It’s something I’m growing in, and eating a lot of humble pie along the way.

We have re-carpeted rooms as we could afford it. We have re-painted as we could afford it. We bought out IKEA together.


There is something fabulous about building a home together.


We spent almost the whole day yesterday weeding, planting and tending to our garden. (some of our first harvest this year!)


Humming along without much talking, working together for a common goal. Building our little slice of suburbia heaven. We dream together, about one day having children, have a plot of land, me a small yap-yap dog, and him teaching his kids about the glory of Australian sport. We sit and listen to the radio together…I endure trips to the hardware store, he endures candle shop visits.

Building a home together is such an odd thing sometimes. It demands all the engrained selfish ways to be absolved and new paths to be formed together. There have been growing pains, frustrations and tense moments where compromise had to be forged. There has been moments when I look around and realise that it’s all been worth it. It’s part of living and I hope that everyone at some point in their life is able to find love with someone whatever fashion suits them. There’s something refreshing and beautiful about living your life with someone with whom you love.


31 day challengeThis is day 2 of 31days of writing on a topic hosted by TheNester. My topic is ‘living’. Hop over here to see all the posts.

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