wanna EXPOSE yourself? {and a monday mantra}

So maybe you’ve made it over here, because others that you read, or seen on Twitter/FB/Instagram are Exposing themselves. Don’t worry, they’re not pulling a PeeWee Herman. (Although I did used to watch that show when I was growing up).

TODAY is the beginning of the Exposed Movement Week…in fact it’s the FOURTH anniversary!!!! I thought I let you know why this is such a powerful movement, and how you can get involved in it.


When I first decided to press ‘publish’ on a blog post ‘Exposed‘ in 2009, I had NOOOOOO idea about the impact that it would have for some people. I just wanted to be brave with my body, I wanted to be honest with my emotions. I wanted to show people that they could be PROUD of themselves regardless of their size, shape, colour, or history.

This is me.
This is me Exposed.

I have had this picture sitting on my desktop for a couple of days thinking to myself ‘Can I really post this online? Can I be as brave as Esther?’


I knew that it was crazy. I knew that I was literally putting my WHOLE being out there and doing something that I never thought I’d ever do in a million years…but I did it. I got brave. I really got sick of hating myself all the time and forgetting how fabulous I was/am.


Then people joined in. In fact, over 116 people have Exposed themselves at least once. That is powerful stuff. Moms, Dads, teenagers, eating disorder survivors, cancer survivors, weight-loss success stories…they’ve all been represented. Why? Because they got brave and wanted to celebrate themselves!


So you’re thinking about doing it? You’re thinking “oh man, I could NEVER put a nakey photo online?” or “I really want to do it, but I’m scared!”


Do it in whatever capacity feels right. As Miz and Roni were saying today: they wrote it in the moment, it was raw, reflective and honest.

HOW to Expose yourself:

1. You can post a photo in any capacity -or- simply write. The photo doesn’t have to be unclothed..it can be anything of your choosing.
2. Be honest about you! That’s all I really ask of anyone..just be honest…and hey why not celebrate a bit?
3. Link back to (www.eatingjourney.wordpress.com/exposed) so I know that you’ve done in case I miss out on it. I’ll add it to the list of those exposed the first time, or those exposed again.
4. If you’re a social media buff, kindly use the hastag #exposed

If you have a blog: post on your own blog
If you don’t have a blog: I’m happy to post a guest post here throughout the week!

c820346063790a5da9a25edb2829d81aI can’t WAIT to see how everything goes this week. I’m so excited to see the revolution of spirit and celebration of bravery.

Happy Exposing.


if you have any questions please e-mail me at michellegay {at} gmail.com


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