Why bother? I bother….because this IS important

After reading through my own exposed posts..and those who have exposed themselves…I felt something different about them. Different in a good way. It’s NOT just about our bodies anymore. It started out as a pissed off, I AM BEAUTIFUL, and I AM PROUD of my body adventure. I think that I’d say that is how a lot of people approached it.

Now, I think it’s changed. It’s a holistic understanding that the body isn’t separated from the spirit…and the spirit isn’t separated from the body. Jules summed it up SO well, on her re-exposed post:

Beauty comes from our weaknesses just as much, if not more, than our strengths. To expose ourselves and continue on that path to uncover the light within is what I believe the exposed movement is all about. To rejoice and treat our bodies with love and kindness no matter what we “perceive” others think of us

Why bother bringing up the exposed movement?
Maybe it’s lost it’s time?
Maybe it’s a thing of the past?

I bother because it’s a reminder to me how far I’ve come. Where I still need to work on things.
I bother because one day I’ll have children. How I view my holistic being, how I treat my body, how I interact with the world, with food, with exercise, with outwardly expectations is the most osmotic thing you give your children.
I bother because I KNOW that this stuff is powerful for people.
I bother because perhaps one person walks away with a tinge more value and perspective into who they are.
I bother because I think it’s important.

I’m still so overwhelmed with everyone who has reflected. Everyone who as stopped by…because it matters to them. It’s powerful stuff that is forever remembered and is so important.

~Mish xo


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