#Exposed 4th Year Today!

Today is THE day four years ago that I wrote the blog post ‘Exposed‘.


Then people started to take notice. 119 people have exposed themselves at least one time, and countless others have re-exposed themselves in 2010 and during this past week.

I often get people who say ‘thank you Mish for starting this movement, for being brave, for enabling others’. To be honest, I don’t feel it’s me at all. I’m just a girl, from Oregon, living in Oz who was tired of hating every.single.thing.about.me. So I tried to love on myself. I’m just grateful that others felt connected to the original jist of the first post I wrote. They too felt compelled to expose themselves.

I feel privileged to have the links here, because it’s a constant reminder of the grassroot potential of change. It shines as an example of people choosing, one.by.one, to take their lives in their own hands and make positive change for themselves. There is still hurt, struggle, and angst in people’s exposed posts….but there’s joy, hope, and accomplishment as well.

So, I just want to say ‘CHEERS’ to everyone who has stopped by, exposed themselves, even thought about it, and cheered others on who have. We all the the enormous power to change ourselves, the way we think and how we live our lives.


just because the official week is over…you can still participate in the Exposed Movement whenever you’d like. Hop on over here, and it explains how to get involved!

4 thoughts on “#Exposed 4th Year Today!

  1. Michele says:

    Hi Mish – by any chance did you run the Las Vegas half marathon in 2010, where you ate some sport beans during miles 10 and 11? Did you ever get some jewelry to commemorate your accomplishment:-)
    If it is you, it’s lovely to read of your latest events. Congratulations on your wedding!


  2. Angie Robertson says:

    Hi – I appreciate all that you write. I used to LISTEN to so many thoughts of self loathing, but, after many years of therapy, I realize that I do not have to listen. I can reframe, recalibrate, and choose to think different thoughts. A great example: My abs used to be a part of my body that I wanted to ‘whip into shape.’ I realized that ‘whipping’ was not kind. Instead I started to love my abs because they have been so strong and supportive during two pregnancies. The exposed movement is so amazing. It gives us a chance to put down the shame and embrace who we are – in the flesh 🙂 Thank you! Angie

    • Mish says:

      Yes yes yes! So many men and women silently struggle their whole lives…never celebrating! Good on you for reframing and your thoughts. It’s desolately important and so life changing 🙂 xo

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