On a Bird to America

Hey there,

WOW!!! What a HUGE week!


With the Exposed Movement Week celebrating FOUR YEARS, we’ve had a group of re-exposed and as I write this at least three newbies with more in the wings. So grateful to everyone who has participated and supported me throughout the past four years.

Then, in a hair-brained idea I said to Andrew “we should finish up the last of the bedrooms and re-carpet them before everyone gets here for the wedding in November.” Be careful what you ask for! Our house currently looks like this.


We’ve washed walls today and bless Andrew he’s going to paint whilst I’m gone. I will be coming home to this modified mess due to a back-log of carpet laying from the business…but I know it will be worth it.


As you’re reading this I’m off on my ‘bird’ (well birds…there are three of them) head to Oregon. My homeland. I’m SOOO excited.


  • family
  • nieces
  • mexican food
  • wedding dress shopping
  • getting wedding band made from my jeweler
  • hanging out with friends
  • drinking cheap coffee
  • buying 1/2 of Old Navy
  • going to a proper Target
  • grocery stores open for 24 hrs
  • and for Andrew….Peeps

It’s not going to be a long trip, but a much needed one.

Hope that this finds you well. What a great week. I’ll try to blog a tinge while I’m home..only if I’m up at weird hours and not busy soaking it all up. Otherwise I’m on twitter and instagram 🙂

have you traveled overseas lately?
how do you survive long flights?


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