Wedding Dress Shopping Life Lesson

I went wedding dress shopping on Monday. I took my grandma, Mom and sister along. We had stopped by the night before and looked through all of their floor stock and made mental notes of those which would fit me.

Monday morning came and I could hear the “mean girl” coming in.

–you’re way bigger than you ever wanted to be
–I can’t believe that you didn’t try harder to loose more weight!
–you’ll never find a dress!

I put a photo up in my Instagram and instead of eating Caramello Koalas, I busted out a FitnessGlo workout and got my head together.

The whole experience was less painful than I thought. I went, got my dresses that I liked and tired them all on. I got stuck on about three different styles and went with the one which I felt the most bridal in. Once they “jacked me up” (as the man says in Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta) I knew it was for me.

Ok, I’ll let you know one thing….I got a cathedral length veil with Swaroski crystals on it.

That’s the only thing I’m gonna say 🙂

BUT there’s one more important thing….

I went to get it fitted for alterations yesterday. I was standing there with the alterations lady…this very calm Mennonite, beautifully plain, berry farmer lady….who was just a soul that I could work a lot more towards in my own life.

“Yeah, well I’ve got big shoulders and hips. All German in me.” I rambled on….almost in a way to justify my measurements and why we were altering the dress that we were.

She sat there quietly pinning and changing things and said this…..

“You are meant to be exactly how you are, you’re beautiful. Don’t forget that!”



3 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping Life Lesson

  1. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    This post brought me to tears…

    One thing I HUGELY regret is that I didn’t LOVE my wedding gown (and, even though I didn’t know it at the time, at least not the way I know it now, I didn’t love myself).

    I am so excited for you Mish…so very excited. Because I know that you know that this is about the marriage, not about the wedding. I mean, the wedding is important and it’s important that you feel amazing on that day, but there is so much richness ahead!

    • Mish says:

      Oh man. When I was trying dresses on I was stuck between the one I got, and a very safe option. I went bold. I really want to relish it. You’re so right. I’ve always complained at how trivial the whole wedding hoopla felt to me. The pomp and sparkle…but I’m so excited to be married, I’m excited to share my life together.

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