Thanksgiving for 25: What I’m making

So, I’m not 100% sure what I was smoking when I told everyone to come over for Thanksgiving two days before our wedding, but why not have a huge freaking party?


I have to say, that growing up my step-mom was the Party queen. I loved them. Everyone got together, we made WAY too much food…but most importantly someone always made a 7-layer dip…my life was complete. I mean how could anyone go wrong with melted Velveeta and Stagg Chili..with Fritos. All washed down with a couple of Diet Cokes.

You get the picture.

DSC_0176this is the huge x-mas party Andrew and I threw three weeks after I moved into his house…see glutton for punishment

My Thanksgivings were always at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We called them Grandma and Grandpa Farm, you guessed it…they are farmers. My grandma would always have the turkey going in the oven, the lace table clothes out..and for a majority of my young childhood we’d have a small kids table, 2 bottles of sparkling apple cider and a dish of black olives which we’d place on all of our fingers.


There has been progression of options within the realm of Thanksgiving foods…but the things which I adore are my Aunt Eunice’s clover-leaf dinner rolls, this German bread/plum dessert which we called ‘kuchen’, my Aunt Pam’s Broccoli salad and my grandma’s sweet pickles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis is glorious…I can taste it through the photo

I find that living in Australia I get desperately home-sick during Oct-Dec because I really miss fall. I went home in October for 1 week, and it was the first time I’ve seen leaves change in Oregon for almost 8  years. It’s just too long. So I feel like I over-compensate in my fellow Australian eyes, because it makes me feel less weepy about the lack of trick-o-treaters, the only option of frozen turkeys and the painful process of making pumpkin pie from scratch because spending $7.85/can of Libbys Pumpkin just isn’t ok.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApumpkin pies in America…so much easier out of a can

Hence, why I’m hosting a Thanksgiving party for 25 people two days before my wedding. I just have to. It’s what you do on Thanksgiving. It must be a crime not to do it. I thought I was going to be super woman and do it all on my own, but I then realised that I don’t have the time or energy (did I mention that my Mom/Dad/Sister arrive from America the day before?) to do it all on my own this year.

I stocked up on things while I was home at the DollarStore. God Bless the dollar store. There’s not a DollarStore in Australia. So I’ve got a whole bunch of plates, napkins, even a salt and pepper turkey shaker set. You can’t go without that.

Andrew is going to cook a Turkey and Leg of lamb on our Weber charcoal BBQ

I’m going to be making

  • Stuffing (ok, don’t throw me out the wagon, I’m asking my sister to bring over StoveTop…I love it)
  • my Aunt Pam’s Broccoli Salad
  • Garlic Mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Roasted Sweet Maple Bacon Potatoes (god, I hate the traditional sweet potato bake..gag. This looks so much yummier)
  • Pear and Blue Cheese/Walnut salad (I’m gonna use blue cheese instead..the really stinky kind)
  • 2 normal pumpkin pies and 1 dairyfree pumpkin pie
    • I feel like I need to add this story to the mix, because I feel like we do ourselves a great injustice by only serving cool whip and whipped cream out of a can. Have you ever had freshly whipped cream with a splash of vanilla and sprinkling of sugar? Come on…just have a dollop…it will change your life.
    • This is my story. It made my brain hurt.
      (Serving pavlova (an Australian meringue dessert) with thickened cream to American student) I can’t wait to go back home (to America) so I can get real whipped cream.
      What’s real whipped cream?
      The kind from the can!

My Friends are bringing along

  • Erin’s Layer salad (I’m not 100% sure what all goes into it, but it’s amazing and really unhealthy and it’s amazing)
  • Shelley’s Cheesecakes (anything she makes is amazing)
  • Mel’s Pasta Salad (I know it will be fresh and yummy)
  • Mel’s Golden Syrup Cake

So, yes…roll me home. It’s a mish-mash of America and Australia. I mean it could be 100 degrees on the day and the thought of slaving away in a kitchen is almost unbearable. That why there are so many salads.

what do you love on Thanksgiving? What’s a family staple? What would you bring to share if you could get to Australia to join us?


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for 25: What I’m making

  1. creamychipotle says:

    I love stuffing on Thanksgiving and I am with you on the Stovetop…love it! My family usually doesn’t have a staple per say, we go pretty simple since this is a holiday my parents only really made an effort to celebrate once my brother and I got older. Now, I think as more Latinos become Americanized it is becoming more common to actually celebrate the holiday. I love to bake desserts so when I am invited to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving I usually leave the choice up to the host. I do make pretty great cakes and cheesecakes though not to mention a killer flan de queso. 😀

    • Mish says:

      OMG I would LOVE to have a blended and Mexican themed Thanksgiving. I’d just sit and eat all of your authentic foods.

  2. creamychipotle says:

    Oh then you would love Christmas time the most; we have a blend of tamales and ham or turkey on Christmas Eve then everyone gets together Christmas day and cook up a mountain of leftovers. Christmas time is like a two week event followed by a two day buffet on the actual Eve and Day…it’s insane. I love going to Mexico during the time before because everyone always has a party going on to where it feels more like Christmas month than Christmas day lol

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