5 Sticks Later…..

So, lets be honest here. The first trimester of being prego…is welll…like having the end of exam week + x1000 hangovers + driving on a really windy road…every second. I didn’t have time to blog, and I’m sorry about that, with all the wedding (re)planning, international travel, etc. This girl was exhausted. I have SOOOO much that I want to talk about, but I shall just talk about how we found out that I was prego and kinda what happened.

As you may have remembered…we went to Kalbarri in Mid-September. (you may notice alcohol in photos on link. I didn’t know I was prego at the time!)


We had planned this a little last minute, because I was in full melt-down mode at work, hated life, was crying pretty much every day leading up to it. Couldn’t sleep, had visited two doctors. Once gave me a sleeping pill and the other discussed anti-depressants.

Little did I know, I was in the early stages of being pregnant. The crying hasn’t stopped, I’ve been warned it won’t stop.

I got back from Kalbarri, of which I dealt with car sickness (not an uncommon thing, but it was more profound) and one episode of “if you don’t feed me right now I’m gonna punch someone” … feed the prego girl! My boobs also hurt (classic sign). So I went to the store and peed on one, two, three, four and FIVE sticks over the next 24 hours. Two different brands.

I was siting on the toilet and I started shaking. The faint distinct blue ‘+’ simple appeared. Frantically re-read the instructions….IT CAN’T BE! I walked out of the bathroom, and Andrew was in the kitchen. I looked at him and said “I’m Pregnant!” and he goes “That’s GREAT!”…I responded by crying and saying “NO, this is the WORST TIMING EVER. I’m gonna pee on more sticks!”


  • I had a Hens/Bachelorette night in two weeks (of which I drank virgin drinks the whole night, and went to a nightclub totally sober so I wouldn’t blow my cover. I was only 6 weeks along)

IMG_4327(virgin drink thing, that was AMAZING!)

  • Andrew had just been short-listed for a job on the other side of the country (which he ended up not getting)
  • I had, on Friday of that week, accepted a new job and cut my hours down at my other job
  • I was flying home in 3 weeks to plan a wedding in June 2014
  • The baby was due in June 2014
  • I had to tell everyone in my family that I was 4.5-5 weeks prego and cancel the June wedding

A mess. I beautiful mess, but a mess.

I went to the doctor on Monday morning, after I had peed on five sticks which all came back positive.

“What brings you here today?”
“Well, I think I’m pregnant”
“Why is that?”
“Well, I’ve peed on five sticks and they’ve all come back positive!”
“Michelle, you’re pregnant!”

I did my normal fall-back emotion of crying a lot. Called family. Increased our very small and casual November wedding to THE wedding. Bought a wedding dress in America, had a corset back put into it so I could grow. And really just embraced what life had given us.

It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. It’s been an amazing experience so far. I promise to write more about everything, especially about food, body image, and bowel movements (no one ever warned me about that).

We had our 12 weeks scan yesterday. All results (blood and ultrasound) seem to be all in the clear. (I’ll write more about that as well).


So here’s to the wedding and a little Gay-Pope.


4 thoughts on “5 Sticks Later…..

  1. skicolorado13 says:

    Ok dude. I read your blog ALL the damn time, and you never cease to amaze me, but this is legitimately the first time you’ve made me have to reach for a box of tissues! I am SO excited for you!! I know that all of this is extraordinarily scary, but enjoy EVER MINUTE of it. You deserve the best, and you will have it! Just remember to breathe. 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Woop! I already knew this, but I want to say congrats again! As you already know, things don’t always work out as you’d planned, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work out well.

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