the BIG wedding post(s) {the details}

Here’s a three part series, part 1, of the wedding. I’m gonna break down all of the DETAILS for you today. I should mention that after we found out that we were expecting, the simple ceremony got catapulted into THE wedding. I have a rough idea about what I wanted (neutral colors, laid back, relaxed) but I wasn’t too up tight about the other stuff. In fact, I went into a shoe shop two days before the wedding to pick out my sandals…much to the shock of the girl helping me.


My dress was from David’s Bridal. I bought it off the rack, had the back made into a corset so I could grow for the 7 weeks from when I bought it until I got married.


The veil was a cathedral length veil with swarowski crystals on it. I REALLY didn’t think I’d have a long huge veil, in fact I was pretty set on a blushing veil. However, once the sales lady put it on, I knew that it was the one I needed.


I wore some earrings that Andrew bought me as well as a bracelet that one of my cousins made for me.


I wore these fun sandals from this etsy shop. In fact I bought a pair for my sister and mom as well. They were great before the wedding.


These are the sandals I wore for the actual wedding day.


Flowers were simple. I gave the fabulous Sorella Flower Merchants a budget for everything and they did a great jobs with the bouquets and other flowers. I really wanted some native Australian foliage in them….so there are some eucalyptus leaves and the white little tiny flowers are a local native called Gerdalton wax.


Make-up was done by Gemma. I loved it. I love me some fake eye lashes.


Hair was by Tianna. I originally went to her and didn’t like what we did in the trial run. On the day she nailed it beyond what I could have imagined.


I bought some fun cards from two different cards shops for the wedding party and Andrew.

il_570xN.360630555_2p6pil_570xN.463893906_3ocq il_570xN.464240522_sc1z

I also bought some some fun shirts for the boys to wear before the wedding. I really wanted to embarrass Andrew, which I know it did 🙂


I really made an effort to keep it simple, but also thoughtful. I wanted to make it a wedding where I supported as many people as I could who were local and/or small business owners. Hence, why all of my vendors are local and I tried to shop in as much as I could. I didn’t really have a major issue with what people wore…and to my shock..and Andrew’s apparent horror..the boys aren’t wearing the EXACT same type of shirt. LOL.


But I really liked how it all turned out. I wanted peonies, but didn’t want to pay for them. I thought I was going to get one type of flower and then the day before they couldn’t get them so I got hydrangeas. No panicked turtles here..I just went with it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the ceremony…can we just say it ended with a rainbow.


Hair: Tianna @ A Gift of Purity Wedding Hair Stylist
Make-up: Gemma @ Gemma Collins Makeup Artist
Florist: Sorella Flower Merchants
Photographer: Drea @ Drea Frazer Photography

I didn’t get compensated at all. I just loved who I chose.

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