the BIG wedding post(s) {the ceremony}

This is part 2 of 3. The first post {the details} was all about the fun aspects that torture and excite brides in putting it all together.


We had always planned to have our wedding on the beach at Eagle Bay. It’s a sleep little tourist town in the southwest of Western Australia. We had looked at it months before and I was so excited. It was a tinge seclude, but gorgeous.

IMG_4346 IMG_4349

The morning of the wedding, I woke up at 0430 and it was slightly raining. I had looked at the forecast for about a week with the chance of rain changing from 20-80% throughout the week but all forecasts stated that it would be mainly in the morning. I had called around for little halls to have our ceremony in, but there wasn’t much of a choice. And to be honest, I REALLY didn’t think that it was going to rain.

We got ready throughout the morning, even taking photos outside with the photographer. Sun was out. Then I saw the grey clouds pouring in. I know a rain cloud when I see them…I’m an Oregonian.

Then it started to sprinkle at our house where we were getting ready to leave. I called down to the beach that Andrew as at and there was sun. We all piled into the van and drove to the beach. At the last minute I asked the boys to go and get some umbrellas at the store, then we got lost on the way to the beach. So we were about 15 minutes late. Andrew was waiting patiently 🙂


We got there and I knew it was going to most likely going to rain. I got down to the beach and I couldn’t focus on anything but the grey clouds coming towards us on the beach…totally unprotected. Lucky some of my guests had brought fact I think that one of my friends brought 10…very prepared.

1452497_243234115833852_1613072046_n 1466301_243319569158640_1289897313_n

We started the ceremony, and just as Andrew was about to say his vows, it started to POUR. We were totally exposed and unprotected. Then my friend ran to the back of the ceremony site and a HUGE magical colourful beautiful beach umbrella appeared.

1471802_243234419167155_1717274518_n 1463252_10152107370733824_1177472769_n

So we said our vows in a downpour on the beach under and umbrella. All of our guests were huddled together sharing as much umbrellas space as they could.The rain ended up easing off and at the end of the ceremony, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

1483355_243235785833685_226880046_n 1475850_243320949158502_101557721_n

We were able to do all of our family and wedding photos on the beach because the rain had gone. I mean, who had it pour during their ceremony, have a huge umbrella for their vows and a rainbow…apparently us 🙂


Hair: Tianna @ A Gift of Purity Wedding Hair Stylist
Make-up: Gemma @ Gemma Collins Makeup Artist
Florist: Sorella Flower Merchants
Photographer: Drea @ Drea Frazer Photography
Celebrant: Jen Burrows

I didn’t get compensated at all. I just loved who I chose.

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