15 weeks

This is the bump making their presence at 15 weeks!!!!



To be honest I haven’t really craved any weird food stuff. I like my drinks really REALLY cold.

What I have been craving, and one that I can’t seem to tame, is listening to country music. I just can’t stop listening to country music…like old school Faith, Tim, Reba, Brooks n’ Dunn. Can’t get enough of it. I’m the crazy American blasting old school country music in Australia.

Body Image

This has been a struggle for me to be honest. When I first had my six week check-up I went to the doctor. She got me on the scale and then she goes “at your weight you should only gain 7kg/15lbs”. I am NOT saying that her advice isn’t valid, because it is. I’m heavier then I ever wanted to be when I got prego….BUT it has really tested me own mental belief in myself. I have only have one or two episodes of soothing with food. I’m letting myself eat what I want. But it did my head in. I will write more about this later, because it’s an issue which I think far too much consumes women…and prego women as well.

I’m pushing past it.


I haven’t been fab with this. With my family visiting, getting married, and then touring my family around I haven’t really been that good. I also got really sick last weekend. I have a tense relationship with exercise and have to deal with it. I have re-instated with membership with FitnessGlo so that I can workout in the aircon during summer and avoid the flies which making going for walks here almost unbearable. I remember Caitlin putting up a goal of three days a week for exercise and that’s so something I can do. I have never really enjoyed the process of exercise, because it’s always been about loosing weight or punishment. This pregnancy has forced me to stop being so self-absorbed and realise it’s not just about me anymore. 🙂

Coolest thing

Everyone being SOOOO excited for us. My boobs…they still hurt, but many alive it’s nice to have cleavage 🙂 We have made a decision about having a midwifery driven birth and we’ve hired a Doula. I’ll write more once I meet with them next week…we have major appointments in the next 1.5 weeks. It’s making it all real. Crazy real, but awesome real.

Getting to wear, above, maternity pants to work. SOOO much more comfortable.

Not cool…but I have a full on case of ‘pregnancy brain’….it’s impressive.

I also got a gift from a patient at work, how sweet, thanking me for taking such good care of her 🙂 She included hand knitted finger puppets. So sweet. I love them.

how did you include exercise into your pregnancy?
did you worry about weight gain?


7 thoughts on “15 weeks

  1. Pat says:

    I love this as I am older than God compared to you. My first pregnancy the doctor never said “watch your weight” .About 6 weeks before I was due to deliver he said Oh gosh you have gained too much. So that in mind I knew I had to think weight lose. never happened. Second pregnancy-still heavier than orginal weight I knew I needed to learn to lose weight. Now that I am a great grandmother I am weight aware of myself. Eat properly and follow the doctors advice. Healthy food is good for a healthy baby as well as a Mother.

    • Mish says:

      I totally agree. Ironically, being prego has really made me force so much of the mental tapes that had me trapped in the binge/diet cycle I was trapped in for about four years. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m grateful.

  2. Juanita Tucker says:

    Hey Mish. Your weight will be constantly on your mind while pregnant. My first pregnancy I was medium build and the bump took till 20wks to show and I felt comfortable for most of the time. My 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I was 10kg heavier than my 1st when I started. The minute I fell pregnant I looked it. A friend knew I was pregnant with my 2nd b4 I did, lol! At 9wks with these 2 I had a bump you could not hide. Looking 7 mnths pregnant at 4mnths was frustrating. I hated any clothes clinging to me and longed to get home from work to take the bra off. I watched what I ate but I learnt to not let it consume me. I was never going to be one of those tiny women with with a basketball like bump. I put weight on everywhere especially the face. And with the girl the dreaded fluid came aboard. But I was determined to enjoy this pregnancy as it was going to be my last. And even with the scales going up, constant UTI’s and thrush (sorry TMI!) I did enjoy it and the best part of the day was laying on the sofa at with my 4yr old draped across my tummy and feeling my daughter moving about. That is what its about. Enjoy those parts and just know you can get the weight off afterwards. Ive been focused on losing weight and getting fit for only the last 3mnths and its all coming together and I feel fantastic. Im on track to be at my lowest weight and fittest since b4 I had kids when my daughter turns 1. I look back at my graduation photos for my masters when I was 8mnths pregnant and dont even recognise myself but I had a healthy baby girl growing so its all worth it. Just enjoy it. Eat what u want in moderation.

    • Mish says:

      I love this. I think for so long I felt as though I could never find the balance where I let myself be where I was knowing that it wasn’t a forever state. Knowing that it wasn’t the end of my ‘body’ and being fit. Thanks for writing this. Also you do look great, you look happy and healthy. xo

  3. Susan says:

    My biggest downfall concerning diet when I was pregnant was drinking enough water. I worked up until the week before I had my son. Working for me was great because I wasn’t focused on how uncomfortable I was instead I was busy teaching kids (being on your feet all day is sometimes good enough exercise)! But I would suggest making sure you are drinking enough water. It is sooo good for the baby and your body. When I was tired of water I drank sparkling water and sometimes mixed it with cranberry juice. When we are busy working or doing something else sometimes we forget to drink enough. Okay that’s my 2 cents. You will do fantastic with this pregnancy as you do with all things. Just keep blogging!

  4. Christa says:

    I am always so paranoid in the beginning of pregnancy that I stop all exercise. I had a miscarriage the very time I got pregnant and I was very physical (we were moving at the time), lifting boxes and up and down stairs and miscarried shortly after. So now I associate physical activity with miscarriage (which I know isn’t true but it’s hard to be realistic).
    I try not to worry about weight gain but with my last pregnancy I gained 50lbs and I had to actually try to get the last 20lbs off afterward which was a new phenomenon for me. My one talent is losing baby weight without trying. I already have a planned laid out for afterwards but I’m trying to enjoy and not worry about the weight gain but it’s hard, especially when you’re not exactly where you were hoping to be when you go pregnant. Life.

    • Mish says:

      I’m still paranoid that something is going to go wrong. Sometimes being a nurse doesn’t help those situations. But I have a crazy level of calm faith that just keeps me truckin’ along.

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