the BIG wedding post(s) {the reception}

The first two post of this series are here: {details} & {ceremony}


We decided to have our reception at Clancy’s Fishpub in Dunsbourgh. Now, you’re probably thinking..why a pub? Well, it’s not your typical pub, I assure you. It was fabulous. The best part about the pub was that it was laid-back, chilled out, relaxed and the reception area was lined with beautiful red velvet curtains. I loved it.


I had acquired a mish-mash of stuff for the reception. Those burlap table runners I bought off of ebay as well as the pillar candle holders. They were going to be for the June 2014 wedding in Oregon. So I carried them back with me in October. I didn’t know how many I’d need, I just brought what I had. I didn’t want to get too hung up on what it all looked like. I used old photo frames from our house, all different neautral colours, and put photos of Andrew and I in them. All of my candle holders didn’t match, I used stuff my sister had made for me.


In fact I had NO vision for what I wanted it to look that. I gave the to totes of stuff I had and said to my SIL, sister and friends “do what you want!” I think that was the best thing ever. It was a complete surprise for me when I showed up and I loved it.


Andrews sister, my SIL, was so kind and made our cake for me. I had made a Pintrest board, which I highly recomend, of things that I liked. She totally knocked it out of the park.

1453328_10100925475840988_204586606_n 969435_10151828410672817_89542156_n

I got the cake toppers from Prince Whitaker, an etsy shop. And the little figurine was the cake topper from my Grandparent’s cake 60+ years ago. I loved it. Andrew and I opted to have White Chocolate mud cake (which is just normal cake to Americans) and the top layer was GF carrot cake with a white chocolate ganahce.

Kathryn was so kind and made us a ‘bride and groom’ cake. In Australia it’s traditional to serve a fruit cake. The fruit cake below is our own cake. We just wrap it up and it stays good for a year. We’ll eat it next year 🙂

1476562_10100925479348958_2013414471_n 1479111_10152013714519373_2110796177_n
I made Andrew do the feeding of a piece of cake to each other 🙂 He wasn’t keen. Did you know that in Australia, when cutting any cake that is yours, you’re not suppose do touch the bottom of the cake? I didn’t, don’t worry. Apparently it’s bad luck.

We had stacks of food…of which I got 2 tempura prawns and a risotto ball. That’s how it goes on your wedding day!

Fresh cut chips with aioli and tomato sauce
Tempura fish goujons
Grilled fish goujons (gf/df)
Salt and Pepper Squid
Wild Mushroom aranchini (veg)
Pork Belly Cublets (gf/df)
Onion tart: walnut, rocket and goat’s curd (veg)
Lamb Burger: rocket, fennel and tomato chutney
Tempura Prawns
Grilled Prawns (gf/df)
Pineapple Pizzas for the kiddos

I’m a true feeder and didn’t want anyone to go hungry. I also tried to insure the dietary requirements were catered for.

We had a great time. Although it went SOOOO fast. I mean terribly fast. It was 10pm before we knew it. We opted to spend our first night of wedded bliss at a swanky resort, Bunker Bay, and it was so worth it.

Well, that’s the wedding run down. Hope you enjoyed!!!!


I wasn’t compensated for anything. I just liked where we had everything, what we bought and where we stayed. I’d tell you if I didn’t 🙂

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