16 weeks

I feel like the last four months have gone by SOOOO quickly. I think that this week I’ve felt like I’m ‘popped’.

12 weeks


16 weeks


Overall feeling

I’m feeling a lot more awake then I used to. We had a mini-heat wave this weekend and it killed me. I napped pretty much all of saturday because I just couldn’t deal with the heat even with the aircon on. I begged Andrew to take me swimming on Sunday, which was honestly the best decision ever. I felt amazing in the ocean. Something about the ebb-and-flow of the waves.


Hot and spicy. I also had a crazy insatiable craving for french fries on Sunday.

Body Image

I haven’t been struggling as much as last week. It’s weird to watch my body ‘pop’ and I can feel it a lot more then I did before. I’m more aware of it now. I have had times where I can feel myself wanting to kick back into the ‘dieting’ mode because my body shape feels foreign to me, and something that I’m not able to control. BUT I’m so celebrating it all. It’s truly amazing.


I finally feel like exercising. I took my first aqua aerobics class last week. It was me and a bunch of lovely old ladies bopping around in the pool to Christmas Carols and swimming along with pool noodles. It felt SOOO good to get into the water and work out. I went and looked at getting a gym membership for classes only, because it’s so hot trying to go for walks here anymore. Not to mention the disgusting flies that buzz around.

Fun stuff

I got this super cute present from a patient saying ‘thank you’ for the care that I provided. They’re knitted finger puppets.


We also got some baby carriers from one of our friends who has decided to not have anymore kids. We’re plowing through the online shops looking at prams (strollers), baby carriers, etc. I’ll write more about that later. We also had our first appointment with our doula, Jenna, tonight which was great. I’m super excited to have a doula along.

Well, that’s 4 months into it. I can’t believe how much as changed. Thank GOD the nausea is gone and the sore boobs, for the most part are gone has well. I’m still finding there are days when I could eat a house. But I’m so grateful to be able to be pregnant.


One thought on “16 weeks

  1. cpalentri says:

    I swam throughout my pregnancy. It was wonderful getting in the water at 8 months and feeling weightless in the pool. I ran and biked up until I couldn’t anymore and the baby weight came off really fast because I went into the pregnancy fit and lean. Good luck!

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