18 weeks: First Real Scare


13 weeks524715_782114035334_647874338_n

18 weeks


First Real Scare

On Friday, last week, I couldn’t sleep. From about 2am-6:30am I had unrelenting sharp shooting pain all over my back … and what felt like it was centralised in my middle back/flank.

Kidney infection.

Took myself to Emergency … peed in a cup … everything came back clear. JUST your back trying to catch up with your baby that’s growing.

So, I had a massage by a lady who does pregnancy massages, I’m seeing her again on Friday. Today I’m headed to an Osteopath to sort out my whole body. I’m not against traditional medicine, but I know that in this instance, what I’m doing is what they’d tell me to do. I’m not really keen on popping codeine every day and I haven’t.

I have been laying on my back, legs crossed, and then raised to put my back into a neutral position. I’ve been holding it, without changing position, for 5 minutes, twice daily. It does help bring immediate relief.


I’ve been hungry again….

I went to the local farmers market. Random salad mixture and Chicken Teriyaki sushi. RANDOM! YUM!



Buying stuff for myself and baby!

Decided that I needed to buy some stuff for myself. I wanted to buy clothes which fit my body better and are more flattering.

IMG_4673old navy shirt and flowy capris

IMG_4667Second-hand bassinet (45.00!) and gifts from people!

fun easy prego dress…on sale!

It’s been a busy time in our lives. The back pain has been really frustrating, but I’m just going with it. It’s once again a good reminder about listening to your body and going with what you need.

…We’re going for our 20 weeks scan…the gender scan…next week…so excited!


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