How to Lose Weight, Organise Your Closet & Become a Runner in 2014

As I wrote before I am only making ONE resolution for 2014. I have spent so many years writing out lists of resolutions that I want to accomplish:

  • lose all the weight that I’ve wanted to loose
  • workout 5 times a week
  • do a triatholon
  • do a half marathon
  • travel
  • find a boyfriend
  • etc…

I’m not inherently against resolutions (mostly) but I think that we all need to be honest about why we’re throwing them out into the in universe. In the throws of my insanity with losing weight, and upon dragging my ass through the shit storm that it created, I realised that what I REALLY wanted was to be:

  • content
  • happy
  • balanced
  • at peace
  • fit
  • active
  • holistically enjoyable to be around
  • fun
  • spontaneous
  • present

I thought by losing weight, throttling myself at the gym, cutting out whatever foods to try and accelerate my weight loss, and make myself attractive to men was the way in which I would sort out the above. It took a long time, a lot of counseling, a fabulous husband, and some of my own faith discovery to sort out what I really wanted was the above list.

But it felt so contrived. It felt so EASY to say that I wanted to be happy, active, fit, balanced.

“I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing” ~Psalm 27:4

I wanted to make life complicated. I lived better in the drama cycle of ‘go go go—burn out—go go go” it was how I was wired. I lived for the highs and lows of weight loss/gain, of training and feeling totally wiped out from over committing. The point of the above Bible passage is to really drill down, DRILL DOWN…if you were to ask God or define how you wanted to live your life for the next year…what would you say?

What would you ask for?
What would your sentence read?
How would you want someone to describe you in 2014?

THAT….to me is how you reach the first list of goals that I’ve written out. I mean it wholeheartedly. The irony behind long-lasting holistic success is that oftentimes people aren’t just focused on losing 100lbs, organising their house, writing a book, raising money for a charity or running a marathon. All of those things, stand alone, will NOT make you happy. What makes you happy is the mental change of choosing to live your life with intention. Thus ALL of the extra goals you outline for yourself bring an added layer of contentment and satisfaction. You, myself, begin to release the definition of self from how well we reached or didn’t reach external goal markers.

Once you realise that your dreams come true and your resolutions fall into place because your whole core changes…then the world really is your oyster.


2 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight, Organise Your Closet & Become a Runner in 2014

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for helping me to put words to my feelings this day. All these thoughts circling round in my head, seeking to reach a single thought to carry me forward into the next year. The one word that kept coming forward was “intent.” You have summed up here what I am hoping to do this year. I wish you a happy and healthy year of intention.

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