It’s been a big NUTS around these parts of the world lately.

We have been looking at houses lately and decided that we really don’t have the money to get the house that we’d like, because Australia is expensive and we want land. We have looked at some houses and we’ve looked at buying a block of land and building.

Just too expensive.

Then I saw a house on Sunday, emailed Andrew Monday, viewed Monday. Signed an offer on Tuesday, put OUR house on the market on Thursday.


We’re exhausted, excited and nervous. We need to sell our house to buy the new one….so it’s GET THIS BABY SPARKLY. Hence many trips to Bunnings (Australian version of Home Depot).


I cooked the.most.amazing.corned beef/silverside.roast ever. I did mine for 10 hours in the crockpot on low.


Getting some more cardiac nursing training…trying to get this kid super smart.


It’s gonna be hot this weekend.


Our poor cat, our precious Maine Coon, has an arthritic ridden hip and is barely walking.


The BEST thing I did this week…deactivate my Facebook account!


Hope you had a great week. I’ll be back on Monday for a 20 week update and a little ultrasound information 🙂 boy or girl….?




3 thoughts on “Insta-Lately

    • Mish says:

      Yeah. Needed a FB break. I turned that job because I found out I was Prego and I would have lost out on 14 weeks of maternity leave.

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