48 hours of house insanity

I feel live we’ve survived insanity. We just did 48 hours of renos on our house to get it to a sparkly standard for sale. We were fueled by homemade juices because the weather was in the 100+ the whole weekend. I hate putting on the aircon, but in order to survive we did.


Our house look liked a bomb went off.


We went and visited the house which we are thinking about buying and had one of our friends do a structural inspection. It really opens your eyes to the things that you need to sort out before purchasing a house. A LOT of things I didn’t know about…and they can be quite expensive.


Our cat lounged around inside pretty much the whole weekend…ahh to be a cat.


And I couldn’t stop eating peaches.


Exhausted. Pretty much sums it up, but it has been such a great weekend of accomplishments.


It reminds me that even if the task feels HUGE, it’s do-able.






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