20 weeks: Boy or Girl?

20 weeks….


13 weeks


I honestly can’t believe that we’re 20 weeks along. It’s been so quick. I think it must have helped that we had a wedding thrown in there to break up the string of weeks together. It almost didn’t feel like the BIG scan last week due to all of the craziness around getting the house ready to sell and sorting out an offer for the house that we are interested in.

The scan

The worst part about the scans are having to have your bladder full before going in. Pressing on one’s full bladder is not comfortable! Otherwise the scan was amazing. Takes about an hour and they essentially go through the entire anatomy of the baby to make sure that everything is growing as it should be growing.

I remember at one point going “OMG it has a 4 chamber heart with working valves!” —> can’t take a cardiac nurse away if you tried 🙂

It’s growing about 5-7 days ahead of my last menstrual cycle, had a larger head and longer limbs…too be expected with me being 5’10” and Andrew being 6’5″. Everything about the baby is totally fine. I have always found the scans to be very stressful. Having worked in the health care field you hear the horror stories and you know what could go wrong. It’s hard to relax, sometimes, with knowledge. But I’ve had to learn how do.

BOY or GIRL????

The bugger had it’s legs crossed the whole time…so we don’t know.

I personally think it’s a girl. If you consult the online Chinese gender calenders it’s a girl. If you ask all my co-workers they think it’s a boy.


Iced lattes
Mexican style rice with corn and avocado


IMG_4734Teriyaki Chicken sushi —> if I drive past farmers market where it’s sold, I have to get some. I know the times when they make its…this can’t be healthy.

Cauliflower roasted salad —> also from said farmers market. On a sunday arvo it’s 1/2 priced…so I get a bigger container and eat it all.


Things coming up

-20 weeks doctors appointment –> get letter so I can apply for maternity leave
-Buy pram/stroller, crib, baby capsule, hypno-birthing classes
-Counting down the weeks of work left 😉 –> actually am a bit sad, because I’m finally starting in the cardiac ward after waiting for a year for it to open.
-See if this house sells
-Wait for Andrew to be able to feel the baby kick 🙂


all of my baby brain posts are under the ‘Baby‘ tab on the blog 🙂

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