24 weeks: One thing every pregnant woman should spend money on

HEY!!!! 24 weeks…or as my OB/GYN friend said ‘happy viability day’. That’s nuts!


24 weeks


13 weeks
(bahahahaha and I thought I had a bump then!)

I have a lot of friends who are becoming pregnant and the only advice I give them: buy a REALLY good maternity bra, in at least two sizes 🙂 I SWEAR ON MY LIFE…these are the BEST maternity bras ever! Bravado Silk Seamless!

Bravado Body Silk Details 300x413

They are SOOOOO comfy. I was wearing my fabulous Victoria Secret bras, but they started to hurt and itch and were just uncomfortable. I wore a medium and then last week bought two more in larges because I feel like my milk bags are growing daily. They’d just so easy to wear, very comfortable. They’re worth every single penny. For the Aussie girls, I got mine here

I’m also loving this belly rub that I got from a local place. Tinderbox ‘Pregnancy Belly Rub’.

bellyrub 006

I rub it on my belly once a day and it just smells nice. I thinking of bringing it along and some other oils/scents for the labour aspect.

I’m still obsessed with COLD chocolate dense cake with white frosting.


My friend Mel made one for me, how dare she. She even bought the Betty Crocker frosting (hello Australia, we now have four flavours, when I first got here we had none!) and it was SOOOOO good. She have me a 1/4th of the cake and I made it last three days 🙂

I’m also plowing through these popsicles.


I’m trying not to eat tooo much cake and find if I can find something that’s a bit lower in the calorie department as a sweet tooth cuter I’m a lot better off. The green apple is SOOOOOOOOO good!

I’m taking a page from Roni and Carla’s book and trying to go about the #wycwyc (what you can, when you can) philosophy.


I”m trying to walk as much as I can. I’m finding that even if I make a lap around the hood for 30 minutes that I feel better.

I’m also loving and would recommend for those at home

Knocked Up Fitness: They have a $70.00 pre and post natal package. The videos are 8-20 minutes in length and are good. It’s a weight/cardio/pilates/yoga focused program. I love it.


Fitness Glo: $12/month and have all different levels. It’s not prego specific but if you stepped down to beginner or Level 1 you can find some good workouts.


Well, that’s all I’m obsessed with at the minute. That and steak…and cheese. YUMMY!!!!

What are some of your must haves when prego? Cravings?


none of these companies know who I am. I’m just a prego lady from Oregon, surviving the Aussie summer. Promise.

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