The Still of the Morning

I’ve become more of a morning person as I’ve gotten older. I haven’t appreciated the mornings truly, until recently.


There’s something deeply intoxicating about the promise and stillness of a new day. The sun creeping above the clouds, the crisp air washing over half-opened eyes. The steam from the kettle. The absolute peace of it all. The quite oblivion to things which didn’t get quite done the next before.

It’s a time of day that I’m learning to harness more. More because it grounds me. More because it connects me. More because it gives me time to just be in the moment. Our lives are hectic and the moments we often experience are not ones which are bathed in stillness, reflection, or space.


So cherish your mornings. Cherish the stillness.


2 thoughts on “The Still of the Morning

  1. Kim Harrington says:

    This was a beautiful post and so beautifully written. I love the wee hours of the morning before the hectic frenzy of my household awakes. I often think I’m the only person awake at 4 am while everyone else is in dreamland I’m contemplating my inner thoughts and reflections while the world sleeps. Yes it is a time if the day that I willingly give up sleep for just so I can be alone with my thoughts before obligations must be met and my day begins. Stillness and quiet are overlooked yet essential for inner peace. It’s a nice time of the day. Thank you for pointing that out.

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