A Busy Button

Hey there!

Just a couple of things that have been going on around these neck of the woods!!!!

I’ve been adopting the #wycwyc mentality and going on as many walks as I can squeeze in. It’s been good, but I’m finding that I can’t walk as fast as I used to.



I’m still obsessed with Country music…omg The Band Perry is almost too much.


Did I mention how fabulous cookies are?


I’ve been experimenting with a flexi-paleo approach (minus the cookie above) and have been making my own bone broth. SOOO easy, I used this recipe.

IMG_4992(strained broth on left; remains on the right. froze mine in 4 cup freezer bags)

I’m totally obsessed with anything frozen, so I busted out some frozen banana ‘ice cream’.


Totally loving this Sukin toner spray. It feels like a little moment of spa bliss. I’m such a huge fan of getting spa treatments, I feel like everything should have a facial.


I think my most favourite thing this week, is finding a frame for this nursery print that I got form Naptime Diaries. I LOVE THIS! I’m also a tinge obsessed with minted.com and their nursery section.


Hope this finds you well.

How’s your week been?


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