26 weeks: Haircut, Swaddling & Diaper Bags…I asked FB

I think the baby is growing a lot. I can’t see my toes anymore.

524715_782114035334_647874338_n13 weeks

IMG_512726 weeks

So…I don’t have family around me. I do have some friends who have had kids, but I like to ask questions. I like to ask so many questions, my 2nd Grade Teacher (Mr. Berhens) said that I could only ask three questions a day. Talk about moderation!

So I reach out to Facebook. There’s a lot of new and seasoned parents out there. The ones that bought all the stuff they never use, and wish they would have bought stuff they never did. It’s a random ‘hair-brained-give-me-your-opinion’ on things. I prefer it to be unfiltered. I appreciate honesty.

Question 1: Should I cut my hair?


  • It’s only hair
  • Don’t cut it, because you’ll have a hormonal melt-down afterwards
  • Don’t cut it, because it’s easier to deal with when it’s longer
  • Don’t cut it, because after you have your baby…the longer hair will cover-up all of your balding spots due to hormonal changes.

Verdict: I cut my hair!!!!


Question 2: Are these newborn swaddle things worth the money? Should I get a sleeping sack/bag? Or should I just get good at swaddling?



  • Swaddle. One of my boys hated his arms being swaddled so I just used to do his legs after a while
  • Don’t over think it some babies don’t like to be swaddled. All 3 if mine loved their arms free so I wrapped their legs and kept their arms out and they all slept throughout the night from 4wks on.
  • I had these (swaddle bags) for Scarlett when she was a young baby and she loved them. As she got older and wanted her hands free I converted to the sleeveless sleeping bags till about 1.
  • Mine loved being swaddled tight, wish they had these 16 years ago!
  • I didn’t have success with swaddle products. I used the swaddle method on the video “Happiest Baby On the Block“.
  • Honestly just receiving blankets are all you need to swaddle. I spent so much on little swaddle/velcro bags, and Brooklynn immediately wiggles out of it.
  • You can buy really good quality sleeping bags from SIDS website…all different types for all seasons n temps.
  • Never used sleeping bags with all 3 of my. Only Bonds or Target sleeping suits. Nice soft wraps for the first month max.

Verdict: I didn’t buy anything. I have a gift set of three from a friend of mine. I have looked at the above swaddling method. I have also looked at the SIDS website which has good information. It’s good to know that sleeping sacks/bags have different levels of thickness for different season. I am still really keen on sleeping bags. BUT, I will take people’s advice and I’m going to wait until bub comes then go shopping 😉

Question 3: Diaper bags: are they worth it? or just get a cute bag the size of a crater? // if so — what are key ‘must haves?’


  • Waterproof material and lots of pockets.
  • I had two: one cheap black target satchel that I kept fully stocked so I could pass it onto babysitters or have it ready to go at the door everyday. I splurged more expensive one that I use and it was worth it.
  • My must have was that it had to have a shoulder strap (I think it’s called hobo style?)
  • I have a back pack style one and it’s perfect!!!
  • Just find something you like w room!
  • I really like that my new bag has an option to wear as a backpack
  • Have enough room for a complete change of clothes with you at all times.
  • I throw everything in my handbag haha just get a big one!!!!!!

Brands highlighted:

Verdict: I haven’t bought anything yet! I LOVE the advice given. I was looking through some cloth style bags online, but since most people said waterproof was a must…I discounted those. I also have been thinking more about the idea of a backpack style version. Many people said that they end up using those backpacks later on down the line.


26 weeks has been great. I have only 7.5 weeks of work left!!!! I am so excited to have a year off, I’m excited to be a mum. I’m excited to meet my little one. The little one is kicking a lot more and it’s moving up my belly with it’s kicking. I need new sports bras 🙂 Been taking walks most nights and have been eating heaps of protein, green grapes and popsicles. I’m SO ready for the weather to cool down. But it feels as though we’re still in the throws of summer.

Any advice?


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