21 days

Happy 3 weeks my sweet girl.



You have shown your Mama a strength she never thought she had.


You’ve made people so joyous and gracious and kind towards you.


a new little headband homemade for you

I have always known that I loved her, but I think that I’ve really fallen in love with her. Maybe it’s just the fog clearing from my over-tired head, or finding the little rhythm that we have, learning to leave the dishes in the sink (why to all new moms do this…just relax and do nothing. cancel plans an hour before if it’s too much!)


We’re battling through our feeding issues, and I dare to say that we’re coming out the other end. I’ve been surrounded by a VERY supportive family as well as a local mamas group. I went to a meet-up this week and had the ugliest cry in front of people, because I am forever grateful for their efforts to help us continue to breastfeed for as long as we can. It’s insane. I mean, this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because it’s required a deep commitment to overcome obstacles and not give up.

IMG_6004“is it ok if she has a little belly?” ~Husband
“YES!” ~me

I love when your Dad sings to you made-up songs. I love how people love to hold you and you just keep sleeping away. I love your little wimpers, snores, sighs, coos when you’re sleeping.

I love that you find solace in me holding you. I love that you turn and look at your Dad when you hear his voice.

Happy 3 weeks baby girl!

~Mish xo

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