Our Feeding Journey: 2 months in

I thought I’d write a post about how we’re doing with our feeding journey. To refresh, this was us 8 weeks ago. It was the beginning of our feeding/breastfeeding story.

Midwife put the fear of God into me and said that I had two days to put weight on her or we’d have to supplement. She was only 12 days old and I really didn’t want to start formula that early and I didn’t even want to do bottles.

I got some expressed milk from a friend to get us through the night. Ainslie gulped down 85mls the first feed. All of the wind/colic pain I thought that she had, was really due to the fact that she was hungry. I decided to have a lactation consultant come to our house on Saturday. I pounded herbs, gulped tea, doubled my placenta encapsulations, expressed every three hours, breast fed…I tried everything.

We’re now at week 10, week 8 of the insane whirlwind that has become the feeding/breastfeeding journey of navigating through Insufficient Glandular Tissue.

Called primary lactation failure, this condition occurs when a mother’s body does not make an adequate amount of milk for her baby, even when everything else (including but not limited to: latch and positioning, breastfeeding frequency and exclusivity, mother and baby are kept together, baby’s oral anatomy is fine – no tongue tie, cleft palate) is in order.

What we’ve been able to accomplish:

  • she’s gaining weight!!! She’s up to 4.8kg/10.5lbs
  • she was EBF (through donors and myself) for first four weeks
  • weeks 4-6 was 80% breast milk (donated) and 20% formula (Holle Organic)

IMG_6355donated milk!

Our current regime:

  • 6 bottles/day (2 donated breastmilk and 4 formula)
  • Maximum dose of BabyProbiotics

She’s thriving. She’s smiling. She’s cooing. She’s kicking. She’s just coming into her own.


I still have moments where I grieve that I can’t BF her totally. There are days when I feel like I should have tired harder, fought longer, pumped more, or even tried an SNS. But to be honest, I didn’t have it in me 6 weeks ago to push any harder than I was. I was running around driving hours getting milk (thank you Milk Donors) and providing the best that I could for her. I did my best.

I can NOT thank our lactation consultant enough. Not only for her ongoing support, but for getting me linked up to IGT support groups on FB. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one AND that there are options for the next little munchkin.

We’re also forever grateful for local mamas, who are still pumping for us, and for HumanMilk4HumanBabies. I have always felt that I’m being used for something WAY bigger then myself. In light of all the grief and stress it’s caused our story has impacted women all over the world:

  • A friend donated through HM4HB while she road-tripped across USA
  • A friend went to a LL mtg, got support for BF and is now donating through HM4HB
  • Another friend has donated through HM4HB and is pumping for us when we visit in October
  • I’ve had SO many personal and FB conversations with mommas who struggled. Bonding.
  • I’ve enabled people to have a face to IGT and to hear our story. To know that there is such a thing and where to at least find a mama who has dealt with it.
  • The local news station has found this blog and is going to do a piece on our story to raise awareness.

WAY bigger than myself. I don’t have a quiet personality and when I need people to feel supported, I need to share my story. My daughter is doing awesome and because of the immense support around me…I’m doing awesome as well.


So we continue with our regime until we run out of donated milk. I’m just amazed we’ve gotten this far. We’re forever grateful.

Mish and Ainslie xo


8 thoughts on “Our Feeding Journey: 2 months in

  1. laura says:

    so glad to hear how it worked out for you! you have inspired me to start donating my extra milk, too 🙂 not sure if there is a great need in my area, but i guess i won’t know until i reach out! thanks for linking to the organization.

    • Mish says:

      Oh Laura…you make me smile with glee. I have cried over the kitchen sink often with grief…BUT knowing that I can spark others to help other mamas ease the blow of not being able to BFmakes it all worth it. Let me know how you go with donating!!! There will be mamas, I promise. If not, post in the global HM4HB page and they’ll help you or your local hospital. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xo

      • Laura says:

        So I joined the Facebook group for hm4hb in my state and I am donating to a family in my area today! I couldn’t believe when I saw the post from someone in my town. Just thought I’d update you!

      • Mish says:

        Oh laura. This just makes me weepy. Thank you so much. I hope that you enjoy the process and what you don’t see is a little baby who thrives and a mama who warms up that bottle of breastmilk and is FOREVER grateful! Thank you so much xoxoxoxo

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