Spiritually Zapped

The question was posed by Alisa of Revelation Wellness: how did we get to this place?

That is an interesting question to pose to me. For a long time I’ve always focused my own immediate inadequacies of the moment. The inability to stop eating or get off the couch. The feeling that perhaps I would feel and be defeated for a long time with my journey of body image acceptance, love, and nourishment. I’ve bounced around with degrees, with jobs, with dieting with exercise.

I’m soul poor

Truly I am

I’m not really ashamed to say that. I think a lot of us are poor. We’re spiritually zapped. Fried. Tired. Exhausted. We’ve spent such a long time and a lot of effort keeping up with whatever we think we should be … or shutting up the boxes we’ve never got around to ticking.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven ~Matthew 5:3

God shows such grace and beauty to all of us. He doesn’t run around finding the people who are spiritually attune, beautiful, sin-less, grace-filled..perfect. What he has given all of us is the hope of rising into his grace to become fulfilled. We forget that. We forget that a lot. It’s such a simple notion: let go and be fulfilled.

Yet we cling onto: the next promotion, the newest clothes, the new house, the scales going down, the boob job, the wedding, the baby, the perfectly adhered to schedule…and at the end of the day none of it really matters if we find ourselves still yearning to fill the place in our own being that we’re trying to stuff with outwardly ways.

I’ve counted calories, points, carbs, kilos, pounds, miles, kilometers…for a long time. I haven’t counted how that has ever made me spiritually sound. When I look back and thing “how did I get to this place?” I know it happened when I believed the lies of those around me who told me that I would basically fail. That no matter what I did, I’d just never ever be able to amount to what I was the time ever again.

The spiritual focus as been on filling and idolising something that is false. negative. soul zapping. —> we humans do this. our own innate desire to please oftentimes leaves of void of self-acceptance, self confidence and the focus on our faith.

I haven’t surrendered my whole heart over to God for such a long time. I’ve never done it with food or exercise. I’ve never focused my energy into harnessing a relationship with a spiritual focus whereby I used and nourish the blessed time I have on this earth in a way that uplifts and fills…instead of always pinning after. It’s an important shift for not only long-term success but for stopping the never ending cycle of being zapped.

So I go forth trying to self-inflict less zapping.

Mish xo


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