Wishing Our Kids Older

My facebook and Instagram feeds are covered with pictures of people sending their kids off to the first day of school. The first day of Kindergarten. Their first something.

And now that it’s here, I can’t help thinking . . . why did I want to rush this? Why was I so keen to push all of my babies out of the house? And why didn’t I relish the time with them more? ~Kristen Howerton

I remember when Ainslie was born and all I could think about was getting her to sleep through the night. ANYTHING for the good nights sleep. And if I admit it, I kinda miss them…it was just me and her.


It pumped through the house when she was growing:

  • I can’t wait until she can wear that shirt
  • I can’t wait until she smiles
  • I can’t wait until she rolls over
  • I can’t wait until she can try some food
  • I can’t wait until she holds her bottle

…I can’t wait until….


What has happened recently is a change of heart..I feel like PUMPING THE BREAKS! I mean I am excited to see who see becomes and what excites her. But there’s part of me that already longs for her squishy body, for her newborn sleepiness. A much more present approach to being where she is now. Letting her direct her own development (rolling onto her side and squirming around on the floor). I’m trying not to force things, just enjoying where she is.


The irony, that I’ve uncovered, is that often times we push ourselves and our kids to be the next thing without really enjoying the present.


So I’ll keep her little bobble heads sitting on my legs, while I grab her hands and do the movement to “itsy bitsy spider”. She coos. She loves row-row-row-your-boat. I’m just gonna soak her up. Even when we have nap fails!



So go enjoy your little ones (or big ones) and hold back from wishing the next step on them.

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