Your WHY

I think that life really boils down to your WHY. If you’re wanting any transformative have to know your WHY.

Why do you do what you do – both good and bad.  –> And really focusing in on those little answers…the first gut reaction answer to that question or thought.

What is my WHY?

I’ll leave you with this. I do have more to write, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The necessary question is really about your why in life. Focusing in on the definition of what you’re committing your time to (both negatively and positively) and renewing your mind accordingly.


For me that spiritual foundation is what I want to work on. WHY? Because its where I am holistically renewed.

“God desires for us to do this as often as possible. Our God know that when left along, we will wear ourselves out”

Don’t wear yourself out anymore (yes, I’m listening to my own advice). Focus on a dristi that gives you strength, power, and helps you catapult yourself into further exploring you own WHY.


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