Loosing Yourself In Amongst It

Hello beautiful people,

I’m currently lying in bed as my husband snores, writing and thinking about HOW NICE it is to be back blogging. I often talk about myself as a reformed blogger (once was a tinge bit busy blogging) but when the tipping point came to make it bigger I got scared. I didn’t want to the pressure that came with it.

Then I did more degrees, found a man, got pregnant, got married then had a baby. And in amongst it, I’ve been trying to re-carve out who I am as a woman.

Being a wife is one thing, but being a working mum is a total other layer. It is SO easy to loose yourself in the craziness and routine of every.single.day. It’s easy to crash on the couch with chocolate and not take yourself for a walk. It’s easy to still be wearing maternity clothes two years later, because to be honest they’re comfy and you have weight to loose. It is easy to think about your former life and be a bit jealous, that some how you want to transport yourself back to that place you were 9 years ago when really all do you was TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

So, I’ve toyed with coming back to blogging and in some ways it’s not only a ‘coming back’ but it’s a YES to myself. Even if for the time that I write a post, or journal (if that is your thing) you’re giving yourself a YES each day to be present for YOU and your thoughts.

Yep. I’ve lost myself over the past couple of years. It’s shows in how I am and it shows in how I’ve grown. Both are good and bad, but more so they are observations for how I want to transform even more.

Mish xo

One thought on “Loosing Yourself In Amongst It

  1. Sarah Anne says:

    I just came across your blog on a Google search for people on a journey to healthy living. I do hope you come back, looking at your past posts you sound as if you’d be great to read!

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