Practice What You Preach: Empowerment

I recently ran a workshop where I had asked a couple of people to come and speak. Different topics, same underlying principle which embodied the idea of empowerment.


“stronger and more confident in claiming their life or rights”

One of the presenters was Faye Read, who is a birth alchemist, energy healer, and a soul which connects with past lives. I told my husband that I wanted to have a session with her, and I think that he thought I had lost my mind, but of course he is supportive. I to had thought “how is one – 1hr- session with an energy healing, angel talking to lady going to really help me? BUT I will give it a go!”

I sat for the first 1/3 of the hour neutral in my thinking and then BAM. It was as if the flood gates of clarity were opened up. The comments, the purpose, the connection was so clear to me. I had have spent HOURS (weeks really if all put together) talking about my feelings, trying to find a counsellor I connect with….and in one hour I felt like 2 years of ramble and circumvented conversation was filtered.

What I realised in that session is that I live in fear of my own power and I’m desperately disconnected on a holistic level with who I really am and what I really want. I am NOT standing in my own power and I do not feel totally empowered. Not because someone is taking my power away…but because I’m not connected to who I am.

A week later I was presenting on moods and emotions with essential oils and I started off the class:

When we look at our overall wellness, we have to remember that we are connected on a spirit, heart, and mind level. If one of those things is not being nurture or taken care of, then our wellness is compromised.

It was as if I was out of body. I heard myself speaking and while the words were flowing out of my mouth I new that was I was SAYING what right…but what I was DOING everyday was not congruent. I have known for a long time that I have to be more connected with who I am. There isn’t intense or overly satisfying empowerment in flogging yourself to hit targets or goals other people set out for you. I remember hitting the weight on the scale that I had always dreamed off and feeling empty. I had achieved a huge milestone, but I wasn’t empowered form a holistic level on a personal level. I was trying to make someone else happy.

The angst and burn-out in life comes deeply from the fact that we are not actually taking much control or paying attention to what we actually want. We are busy, too busy (I admit it), we don’t rest, we don’t nourish our bodies, and we don’t ground ourselves in a deeper knowledge of who we are. I struggle with this, because I always feel “too busy” to just be…and especially do things for myself. Be that exercise, meditation, taking a nap or even preparing good food. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s truth. I’m too busy making sure I’m making everyone else feel empowered or connected or happy…that I’m not doing that for myself. It’s exhausting.

it will never fail

So, it’s time to stop and re-connect. To practice what you preach. To ground and centre yourself. To be where you are. And to embrace a new sense of empowerment, courage and connection.

Mish xl

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