We’re not failing, because we’re stupid

I took my daughter over to see one of my good friends. We were chatting away and one of the re-occuring things that we talk about is our own self-development and growth.

It's not that we keep failing at the thing we set out to do...it's the really we're not connected in ourselves as to really what we want, need or desire.

We had a light-hearted but also deep friendship … the kind which I cherish. We were chatting away and I was telling her about how AMAZING my session with Faye was and I was reflecting on my last post. I had said to her:

I signed up with WeightWatchers again. It’s costing me a fortune. I don’t know why I did it, out of desperation. But what I’ve realised after my session with Faye is that so much of the reason why we don’t succed in making changes in our lives, is because we’re not actually in tune with what we want. I mean, even me…I spent the first part of my life heavily overweight due to stuffing my emotions down and then the good part of my 20s dieting to loose weight. In both instances I never was actually listening to what i did and didn’t want. Isn’t that scary? To thing that what life boils down to is really simply and fundamentally listening to what your soul and body wants.

My body doesn’t want 3 chocolate bars and 2 huge bowls of ice cream. It wants beautiful real food, sleep and exercise. It wants to release emotions and be connected spiritually and holistically.

We’ve silenced our souls and our spirit. We are not well. We are told how to be well. What foods are superfoods (which is always changing) And which ones will cause cancer. How much we should be doing something that we are not.

Instead of actually being still and paying attention. We crank up the volume of external validators which are flippant and soul draining….if they aren’t actually congruent with what we want for ourselves.

No change will stay permenant and be life giving if it doesn’t come for a source of healing, honesty and connection.

Mish xo

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