Sweet Sunday

Hope you have had/are having a sweet Sunday.

I invite you along to join my Magic Monday weekly inbox wand of sparkly goodness to kick your week off. Short, simple and intention filled gems for your week ahead.

Magic Monday

I’d love to have you along!


I have had a huge breakhrough, I will write more about it later. Thank you Amber and Zoe for being the most beautiful friends and for supporting me through your guidance in overcoming and connecting with my soul. It’s been such a journey. I have known a lot of things, in fact I think I could write a book on how to un-f–k yourself. But I never felt it in my heart.

The truly divine space.

Now I do.

I won’t run from the freedom I know I now have. I’m going to go and nourish it and honour it.

Mish xo

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