Peeling It Back

I was trolling through Facebook last night and I came across an update from one of my friends, Jessie from @Get a Fresh Start, status update:

If you want to do well in business remember the number one thing you need to work on is you. Personal development and mindset are absolutely crucial to success! ~Jessie

I commented say…aboslutley right..and you have to be willing to lean into the fear. Examine it and let it unravel in due time. I have gone to so many trainings where the discussion is about the practical aspects of growing a business or improving yourself.

They are all valid points.

But what so often people don’t talk about is that growth and development both personally and professional is messy and tricky and hard work. People get stuck all the time; making no money, tons of money, not being able to lose weight or not finding the career which makes their heart sing.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the idea of becoming a more inspiriting leader…by being inspired by who I am right now.

  • How do I get past my fear?
  • How do I grow as a leader of my team, where not only am I saying inspiring stuff, but I’m actually doing what I’m saying?
  • How do I unravel what I want to do…what I know I’m capable doing…and actually do it?

I actually hate self-help stuff (and I have been a sucker for them), because honestly I am so sick of people selling their ‘get over it’ programs. Buy this and then you’ll be cured.

The things is, is that you have to be willing to step back from yourself and grow from where you are. Where you are is a lesson, are you willing to learn it? You have to be willing to look at the complex person that you are and totally love yourself right where you are; even if it is NOT exactly what you’d like to be.

The next step involves stepping out of your ego and really listening to what is going on in your mind. ~Victoria Yuen

It is only when we actually choose to be present with what we’re trying to shove down, and release everyone else’s baggage that we are carrying…that we are able to move beyond where we are.

Being a leader for yourself and others is work. It’s hard work because what it does is demand that we have to move beyond what we have always done, to move to the place where we’ve always wanted to be.

I don’t think there is a 12 step program to this. I think what it is, is a commitment to being where you are and not pining after where you want to be. Instead, honouring the process and being active in it.

Mish xo

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