Squeezing The Ball

I was at a Barre class this week (which I’m TOTALLY obsessed with. You know like when you have FOUND your exercise! I have found it, me, the barre and a little ball that kills my legs!) The instructor said

We’re doing a 30 day challenge in January. (and I started rolling my eyes…another crazy ass challenge)..And we are simply just challenging people to do their best. To be more mindful about their food choices. Remember it’s not ALL or NOTHING. It’s about making smarter choices. One of the things is eliminating alcohol, my husband is a wine maker..that isn’t going to happen!

And I literally almost jumped out of ‘power legs’ and gave her a hug. Finally, we have people who are sensible about this whole journey of ‘being healthy’. I’m literally sick of seeing the outliers in this whole thing. Crazy ass restriction or complete lack of care. I know that ‘health’ is subjective and comes in so many forms.

But health starts in our head and what is in our head and how we approach food, exercise, choices is equally as important as what we put into our mouths.

What people don’t want to discuss or offer up as a ‘new years resolution’ is the idea that instead of focusing on restriction…we really focus on examining our WHY.

  • Why are we the way that we are?
  • What are the things that we want to work on?
  • What is the place what we’re in serving us right now?

We can’t approach life in an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. It’s why we have people who are so.freaking.unhappy with themselves constantly pinning for the newest latest things or shutting themselves out because the pressure is too much. I know this, because I have done this for a majority of my life. I won’t do it anymore.

I’m not against calories counting, diets, and/or intuitive eating. I’m not going to tell you what works best for you or the exercise you should be doing or how much of it. What I will challenge you to do instead, is actually connect with yourself. What it boils down to is being your authentic self.

Finding our authentic self isn’t a 1200calorie, 5x/week cardio regime. That *maybe* an aspect of it , if that feels right to you, but what authentic discovery is about, is the sticky, sexy, complicated relationship that we often neglect with ourselves. We don’t give space to that anymore, because we’re too afraid of examining who we are, we’re too afraid of honouring what we want. We’re too ‘time poor’ to actually give ourselves time to sit and ponder…because we’re ticking boxes for others.

Mish xo

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