7 Ways to Stay Motivated

We’ve all felt it. We have all, at some, point lost our mojo. We’ve complained about it, distracted ourselves from the lack of it, or felt like throwing in the towel.

I want to share with you 7 Ways to Stay Motivated in life and business.

One: Share Your Heart

In your business are you actually letting your heart/passion/why shine? Are you showing and aligning yourself with your true passion?

It is VERY hard to actually do anything unless it comes from an authentic place deep in our soul. It can be hard sometimes to find our Why and that is something that I’m passionated about. Be this for business, professional or personal reasons. Changes or new directions are only sustainable if we share from our heart.

Two: Find Space to love and nurture yourself

I’m SO guilty of not doing this well, I even the awareness of needing to do it has helped me so much. I recently heard a talk from Tiffany Peterson where she talked about the ‘Sacred 10’


Be purposeful with a 10 minute commitment to yourself. Be it exercise, yoga, prayer, mediation…whatever gives you space for yourself.

Three: Creating and Fostering your own energy

Walk the talk. Do what you say you’re gonna do and be the type of leader that you’d want to follow. This doesn’t mean being perfect and glossy. The means being real, authentic and always evolving. This also can encompass the idea of switching gears of being a control freak and being a guide for those around you…it frees up time to really focus on what you want out of your journey.

Four: Change and Manifest the Way You Think

  • Have you written down all of your crazy ideas?
  • Do you made a vision board?
  • Are you part of a manifesting or brainstorming group?
  • Have you sat with your partner and said what your dreams are?
  • Have you actually made a business plan, set goals, have a clear target of where you want to go?

I’m a not even going to lie to you…but I haven’t been crazy good about this. BUT 2016 is different. I realise that if I don’t declutter my mind, get stuff on paper and actually make change to my holistic space I won’t be able to create momentum and change. I have taken some chances this year and have signed myself up for a local manifesting group, and have thrown my name in a couple of hats for competitions for help with coaching/speaking training. Why not?

I have some Leonie Dawson swag coming, I have  vision for the changes in my physical space I need to do (got an awesome Feng Shui consult done) as well as working through some great decluttering guides from Denise and Victoria.

Five: Know your Tribe and work it!

Be totally authentic to your target market. Defining your tribe can be hard, especially if you don’t know your why…and I LOVE helping find this for themselves. I have recently decided that doing that I love is where I want to be. I had to pull back from what I was doing and define my why and thus define my newly defined target market. The people who I have come in contact with because of this have blown my mind. 

Six: Say ‘YES’

So often we hide behind what feels comfortable and/or affordable. If it feels right and you want to do it…then just do it. Set your intention and then the universe will conspire to make it happen. If we constantly try and reason/process our YES to things, then we will stay stuck. You have to be a little bit brazen and sometimes push yourself WAY outside of your comfortable zone so that you can truly expand.


I have found that when I say yes, I gain so much insight and connection and momentum. I have no ideas sometimes how I am going to logistically make it happen, but it alway does. I have also noticed that when I often do stuff that feels hard (like getting to an exercise class early in the morning) I’m forever grateful that I went.

Seven: Explore your FEAR and what the lessons are there

It is only when we are truly vulnerable, that we can truly love and be loved. Where are can change.

I believe that momentum is often halted because we get scared. We know what we want, we know who are tribe is…but the fear of change or comfort zone pushing or the success we could have stop us. Lean into that fear. Ponder it. Observe it. Don’t try and squash, it totally. Be an explorer of it.

What is the fear telling you?
What lessons are there to learn or re-learn?
What is it actually about?

For me, it’s about perfection and being vulnerable. And I know this. I have to get out of my head and really let me heart be totally open. That is scary, but it is the only way I will ever move past where I am.

I don’t think momentum is about having a beautiful planner with colour coordinated sticky notes and highlighters. Or setting crazy ass goals or being accountable to someone. (all of these things can help!) I think that ‘momentum’ is actually a heart space thing. What keeps up going in life isn’t because we are super organised or perfect..it’s because we love what we do.

Rekindle with your heart and use the other tips outlined above and you’ll be rocketing in no time.

Mish xo

would you like to explore your heart space, why or brand? I am now offering ‘kick ass’ sessions to dive into these areas. [yep! I’m ready]

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