The Ultimate Oil: Frankincense

Man! I have been saying FRANKINCENSE so much lately to SO many people.

Frankincense Blog post

I had a lady come to me after every.single.test under the sun for her young kiddo. The little one was experiencing uncontrolled head tension that would result in emotional outbursts and vomitting. I said “Try Frankincese two times a day down the spine and cut out gluten.”

Bam. NONE. Head tensions completely gone. Kiddo asks for oils. She.was.gobsmacked.

We have to repair out guts and use oils to support our bodies holistically. Frankincense is such an amazing oil for this. I have so many testimonies for the beauty of this oil.

–Ranging from mood issues, mood swings
–From upset digestive tracts
–Skin issues
–Head tension that will NOT go away!
–Immune support
–Skin spots and wrinkles
–Diaper rash
–Stiff / sore joints and muscles

…the list goes on and on.

I often will get “but it is expensive and an investment”. Truth be told, Frankincense is about 0.30 (THIRTY CENTS) per drop. The kiddo above had 2 drops/day. That’s 60 cents/day to help relieve something that has troubled him for years and NOTHING was working.

Sixty cents.

Your health is an investment. It is. So invest in your health and those whom you love. This month you can get a Free Bottle of Frankincense + a FREE Bottle of the invigorating blend (a beautiful blend of citrus oils to help uplift) with new enrolments. Offer ends 31st of December.

If you’re interested in investing in your health in 2016 and getting this beautiful oil and blend this month, please send contact me [here].

Mish xo

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