Closing Ceremony 2015: 5 Ways To Reflect & Let Go

Man oh man, truly I can’t believe that 2015 is over. It has been such a wild ride for me and it’s been huge as well. It has been such a big year professionally and one of those things is that I have set an intention within my self to REALLY push beyond my own fear.

Fear is a bitch and oftentimes it can be a ‘wet blanket’. So can disappointment and feeling stuck.

As we round out 2015 I ask you to be reflective upon the year that has gone by. I have 5 Ways to create a moment to offer up to yourself a “Closing Ceremony” to round out the year.

Closing Ceremony2015

I ask that you sit down with a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine or a diet coke and write these questions down. Reflect on them. Tuck yourself away for a little bit of uninteuppted time and GIVE YOURSELF the space to actually reflect.

I can be a ‘negative nancy’ and get into really negative head spaces. I can be hyper-critical and I’m the first one I put on the chopping block. I can be pissed off I’ve gained so much weight this year, or maybe that I don’t have my house looking perfect or I didn’t spend enough time doing things I love.

BUT there is a A LOT of good that has come out of 2015. Even if you had a shit year, even if it sucked and you can’t WAIT to wave it goodbye, there is lesson and growth in that. Even if you felt like you maybe didn’t do as much as you had hoped, there is lesson in that as well.

So grab a piece of paper and get writing, or drawing, or doodling…whatever works best for you.

Closing Ceremony2015

I’ll share some thoughts of my own with you about my year:

1. What did you rock in 2015?
I took a business from nothing and grew it into a sustainable income where I don’t have to go back to nursing right now. It’s allowed me flexibility in my life to do what I want and achieve goals I never knew. I also have taken huge steps since going home over the past 6 weeks to release A LOT of baggage and really focus on my journey.

2. What things surprised you about 2015?
That I could be successful in business. That I have a message. Also that I have been held back by an enormous amount of fear, that really I only push myself in certain areas. That I have never really deeply madly loved myself, and that insight has been incredibly overwhelming and healing.

3. What are 5 things you loved about 2015?
-Knowing that Australia is home for right now.
-Spending time with my Grandparents
-Christmas with my family
-Hitting Gold with my business, when a lot of people doubted me, including myself.
-Watching people grow and the light-bulb moment happen after many ‘kick ass’ sessions.

4. What nuggets of insight did you learn in 2015?
That my husband has a deep unconditional love for me, that scares me. AND that it’s ok to love people. That God has me on this earth to help others find their WHY and to change their lives. That my story is about weight loss, releasing emotional blocks and succeeding and that I don’t have to hide from that. That my daughter is pure joy wrapped inside of a crazy toddler.

5. What are 5 things you did in 2015 that you’re proud of?
-Being able to provide income without having to go back to work
-Being different from others, whilst maintaining my own integrity
-Acknowledging my own fear and choosing to learn from them and move beyond them
-Realising that I don’t have to be like others in order to be successful
-That my daughter and husband are my foundation for joy and love and self-acceptance.

I hope that you enjoy your closing ceremony for 2015. Reflect upon what the year has brought you and what your celebrated, learnt and overcame.

Mish xo

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