When You’re ‘Mom Stuck’: 3 Ways to Unstick Yourself

MOM STUCK: How to unstick yourself when you feel lost, lonely and purposeless outside of being a mum.

Mum Stuck

I hear it a lot…and I so get it.

“I’ve lost myself as a mum. I have NO idea what I’m good at anymore!”

I was sitting with one of my builders during a group meeting discussing her WHY…why are you building your business?

“Well, I have NO idea, I’m just a mum!” she said.

We sat there and brainstormed more, because there is always more to what we are then just one thing. That includes motherhood, wife, working mum, survivor. We’re more dynamic then just once aspect of who we are.

I get it. I do. I honestly just feel like I have finally gotten out of the vacuum of motherhood and have gotten spit out fatter, more tired and sometimes lusting for what I was 10 years ago.


I’m also a hell of a lot stronger, wiser and feel as though more intune with who I actually want to become.

Here are my TOP THREE WAYS to get UN-STUCK!

1. Set Time Away to be present & set your intention

I’m SUPER bad at this. It’s actually one of my major blocks..writing stuff down. I don’t know if it is because I’m afraid of what I’m going to write down (See…good ole’ FEAR creeping in) or I’m afraid if I write down goals the I may not reach them (see..good ole’ FEAR creeping in!)

But you have to set your intention about what you want to change and you have to give yourself space to think. It’s REALLY easy to just keep going throughout your day and not think at all about what is coming next or what what you really want.

Even if it’s 5-15 minutes per day. Give yourself that space and put ink to paper.

2. Connect with your beautiful oils

Connect with your oils…if you don’t have any, connect with me and we can find the oils which work for you.

–>Get a moods and emotions book, the emotional aromatherpahy kit, book in for an massage/osteopathy/kinesiology session, get a moods and emotions wheel

–>Book in with me for a FREE 30 minute “Kick Ass” session

One of the ways that I LOVE to connect is to get my moods & emotions book

–knock on it 3 times.
–place it between my hands and set my intention –> what oil do I need to use to help reconnect with myself? (for example)
–think ‘left or right’
–then let it fall open to an oil and either look left or right.
–Then use the oil for 2-3 weeks. place it on your feet or body each day, re-affirming your intention. If you hate the smell of it, you have a block with that emotional area. put in on your feet instead.

3. Don’t be FEARFUL of change and the process

When we are faced with the vacuum that life can throw us, when we are spit out and don’t know where we are…we can get overwhelmed and get bogged down in FEAR.

Fear is a protective mechanism to keep us where we are. Our minds like to regress and go to the easiest PERCEIVED route. Change oftentimes isn’t percieved as easy.

But sometimes we have to ask yourself..is the FEAR of change bigger then the ultimate goal of becoming what we want?

Sometimes we may not even know what we want to become because we are so out of touch with who we are.

I also get that.

These oils will shift shit. They will move stuff in you. Don’t let fear override the immense beauty and freedom we all deserve. It’s a journey, and there’s beauty in it.

Deep beauty and lessons in the stuck.

Mish xo

I look forward to connecting with your further. If you’d like to receive weekly emails of inspiration please join me! –> YES Mish, email me!

2 thoughts on “When You’re ‘Mom Stuck’: 3 Ways to Unstick Yourself

  1. Susan Blott says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from. Do you think it is because society has devalued so much what “just a mum” means. It is biologically what we are born for. To recreate ourselves and nurture the next generation of humans. I think it used to be a more honourable thing to be. Being a GOOD mum was a badge of honour really. You then went on to do your own thing. Now if you are a stay at home mum it is sometimes seen to be because you dont know how to do anything else. As a woman you are damned if you do, damned if you dont.

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