Be Entitled, You Have To Be

I’m currently flying over the beautiful Australian Outback and I’m reeling from where my soul had landed. I had an amazing day with one of my dear friends, where days and years where we haven’t seen each other is evaporated over an iced coffee on the beaches of Darwin.

She’s so centred and reverent in her faith. She doesn’t shove it down anyone’s throat, or brow-bash people, she lives it daily. It oozes authentically from her soul. I was sitting with her and speaking about where I’m at in my head. The calm and meditative place that I have worked toward for past 8 years.
I can see this journey in so many of my leaders. So many of them hit rank, or look at their own businesses and struggle. They get scared.

Really, they don’t think they are worthy.

They don’t think that they had a message.

That they don’t have the skills/tools to succeed.

They don’t think that they are entitled to success, praise, or of change.

the arrogance of belonging is not about egotism or self-absorption. In a strange way, it’s the opposite; it is a divine force that will actually take you out of yourself and allow you engage more fully with life. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, ‘Big Magic’

Me, they, are choosing not to fully engage in life out of fear. But really it’s because we’ve never felt and embraced a sense of entitlement.

After I was told I wasn’t enough, I let every single sense of deep entitlement fly out the window. I went into a dark dark place of self-destruction. I abandoned who I was as a women physically, mentally, and spiritually for a long time because I didn’t feel entitled to feel loved, worthy, happy, beautiful. I instead went searching from my entitlement, my engagement through Master’s Degrees with Honors, taking on huge responsibilities at work and working my bones to the ground with doTERRA.

Then I stood back. I didn’t fully understand why I had gained so much weight. Why I felt like a fried lizard. Why I felt so empty inside even though I’ve had so much outward success. Why I felt all so strangely and eerily void, the way I felt sitting on couches of a swanky penthouse apartment…when I wasn’t enough then.

I felt so unattached to myself.

because often what keeps your from creative living is your self-absorption (self-doubt, your self-disgust, your self-judgement, your crushing sense of self-protection~Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Big Magic’

this. This times a million. This.

Only recently have I made the decision to truly step into my power. I get why SO many people quit on so many levels. They are not expectant, they do NOT have a sense of entitlement and they stay in a comfortable but very limited space of self-absorption.

without this arrogance of belonging, you will never be able to take any creative risks whatsoever. Without it, you will never push yourself out of the suffocating insulation of personal safety and into the frontiers of the beautiful and the unexpected. ~Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Big Magic’

It is OK to be ENTITLED.

It is ok to drop yourself into a deep sense of entitlement. Entitled to have healthy relationships, to live a creative life, to make money, to grow your business however you want, OF SUCCESS.

To have a business & take care of yourself.

Learning to choose entitlement over the self-absorbed voice you’ve obediently listened to which doubts everything that you want to do, that tells you that you’re not worthy, creative or capable…is where the magic flip happens.

This commitment to entitlement isn’t a one off decision. Instead it’s a commitment daily to yourself to show up, entitled to live out the divine grace, creativity and worthiness that you’ve been blessed with.

I don’t know exactly what I am, but I’m curious enough to find out. ~Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Big Magic

Be curious. Be Entitled. Be Creative. Be Expectant. Be Committed.

Mish xo

p.s. if you’re running a business which involves working alongside leaders and teams this will be one of the biggest areas of mentoring that you’ll encounter. You can teach skills, teach products, teach methods. But to mentoring and coach and guide someone to ‘flip’ the entitlement switch is at the heart of continued growth, sustainability and life-changing business practices.

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