Travel. Breathing. Passion. Fear. Forward.

The past two weeks I’ve been on planes, in cars, and meeting my amazing team that are planting seeds around Australia and the world.

It has been amazing. It’s been hard. It’s been emotional. It’s been fabulous.


Leaving my husband and daughter behind to galivant around Australia. 4 states, 9 planes, 7 beds and 16 classes.


I sat in a lot of comparison this week. I have a HARD time soaking in my success and look around to try and see how I could be DOING MORE. It’s a vortex of comparison and it’s really really really easy to get trapped and sucked into.

Then I have to step back and remind myself that I’m doing the most I can physically, emotionally and spiritually do.


I have also realised that part of this process is just FEAR creeping in, shoving me back into the space of comfort that keeps us where we are in life. Creativity and Risk can’t grow when we are consumed and/or trying to suffocate fear.

What is demanded of us as we go out and try anything new is realising that you won’t be an expert from the beginning. It’s being consistent doing the basics, showing up for your team, and most importantly putting yourself in positions to meet new people.


When you expect 30 people and 65 people attend. Or you expect 20 people and 5 people attend. You have to continue to realise your dreams. You have to align your work with your passions. You have to continue to grow in your own heart space, your own dreams, your own desires…regardless of objections and what others are doing.

So I’m off to celebrate the beauty of my last couple of days & catching up with my beautiful family. Remember to follow your passions, embrace fear, bathe in your creativity and move forward always.


Mish xo


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